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360° Painting of Hampstead hosts a virtual food drive

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In addition to making homes in the region pretty with their paint company, SANTANA and MICHAEL JOLLY of 360° Painting of Hampstead are also adding something to the lives of children in need. Through the national Kids-Lift program, the couple is giving back locally by supporting Rocky Point Elementary School’s need for food for students who might be going hungry.

“I believe in our community and if we can help to keep students from going hungry, I certainly want too,” says Santana Jolly.

The Jollys, both former marines from Camp Lejune, decided to make Hampstead their home after military life. And one thing the military taught them was the importance of goals and giving back.

“It’s very important for kids not to worry about where their next meal is coming from,” says Santana Jolly.

Sadly, with the pandemic and economic downturn, many families throughout the state and nation have lost jobs and are having a hard time making ends meet and that can often mean children may go hungry at night and over the weekend.

Santana poses the question, “How can a child focus on their schoolwork and being the best student they can be when they are hungry?”

Her answer is that she doesn’t want them to have to experience that, so the couple decided to host a virtual food drive to deliver shelf-stable food products directly to students in need.

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Santana Jolly says that her parents at one point had to rely on the Salvation Army for assistance.

“My past has allowed me to reflect and know from growing up, it is important that you are able to get good meals. When you are hungry, it’s hard to focus on your Math homework,” Santana Jolly says.

As new parents to a 7-month-old baby girl named Willow Leona, the Jolly’s say they would never want their daughter to go hungry and don’t want children of the region to be hungry either.

As franchise owners, the Jolly’s 360° Painting business brushes a new stroke on house painting. An online paint company, and in business for a year now, 360 painting services residential and commercial locations throughout the region. The website for the business even offers a blog on helpful tips when you are planning to paint your house.

Kids-Lift is a nonprofit arm of the national chain, Premium Service Brands, which owns 360° Painting. The mission of the program is to support kids and their families. The program is not just happening locally but in other communities across the nation.

With the virtual fundraiser in full swing through March, the Jolly’s are giving back with Rocky Point Elementary School as their “adopted” school.

“As franchisees of 360° Painting, the Kids-Lift program reaches out and provides funding to kids in need and we couldn’t think of anything better to be involved in,” says Jolly.

Since it is a virtual program, contributors don’t even have to leave their homes. They can log on to Amazon from their device and look at the wish list for students.

Says Jolly, “We want to brighten up our community, literally and not just thru paint.”

To learn more or donate to the Rocky Point Elementary School wish list click here.

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