About the September Style Issue

Back-to-school time

CoverBack-to-school time.

If the thought of new pens and blank notebooks gives you a thrill, then consider this the month of learning new things no matter your age.

Coinciding with WILMA’s annual Style Issue, there’s plenty of discover in our September issue.

Take cues from Becca Ingle, who in 2021 launched her own swimwear line – LainSnow – after the pandemic caused her to rethink her plan of partnering up. Ingle shares those lessons and what she’s learning now in running her company here.

For inspiration on fall trends, check out this month’s style features and incorporate your own notes on pattern panache, footwear, and collab products.

Read more about the women behind the Curated-on Castle market are bringing together vintage clothes, and other wares, to the neighborhood every month here.

Annette Freeman schools us on the latest for DREAMS of Wilmington and where the arts education nonprofit is headed in this article.

So sharpen your pencils and get cracking.

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