About the Leadership Issue

Local women leaders share their advice

Wilma April 2021 Cover

What makes a good leader can be subjective. Just see the countless books on the topic, the podcasts, the seminars, to see why. Everyone has an opinion about what works and what doesn’t.

But, common threads often come up, such as surrounding yourself with a great team, inspiring others, being a constant learner, and other things that even natural-born leaders have to work at and practice.

That’s just some of the advice women leaders from throughout the region share in this month’s issue.

From working in higher education, technology, and business, they share their experiences and tips to consider. Read more about these local leaders by clicking here.

Local coaching legend Sheila Boles learned many of those lessons and more working with players on and off the basketball court. Boles shares those lessons in this month’s feature, Breaking Barriers.

Whether you have it as part of a title or not, leadership qualities can show up in any part of life: “never stop improving; lead by example; listen and communicate effectively.” Those aren’t bad words to live by.

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