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Redefined Fitness provides an intense and therapeutic workout

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With countless options to attain goals and surpass expectations, for many people, it takes a unique method that will not get monotonous over time. SARAH DIAB is the owner and founder of Redefined Fitness Studio in Wilmington which specializes in the Lagree Method.

The high-intensity, low-impact workout combines methods of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. The workout blends the body-sculpting ideas of traditional Pilates with strength training and cardio.

“Starting as a young girl, I was always involved in some type of activity, whether it was playing soccer in the yard or on a team, running around playing tag with my brothers, or playing church basketball,” Diab says. “In my lifetime I have taken thousands of workout classes all around the country of all different kinds. Whenever we planned a vacation, I researched studios in the area looking for new methods.”

This is how Diab was introduced to numerous styles of instructors and styles of working out and how she discovered the Lagree Method in a trip to California.

“I always say the Lagree Method is intensely therapeutic,” she says. “It redefined my entire outlook of working out. I went from thinking the only way to get a good sweat in was moving as quickly as possible to being completely humbled by a method that was all about being slow.”

Diab says the Lagree Method has redefined her mind and body in so many ways, and that is what she wanted to do for others in Wilmington.

Located on Wrightsville Avenue, Redefined Fitness Studio welcomes everyone, no matter what level of fitness one currently is or hopes to achieve.

Each class lasts for 50 minutes with 45 minutes of continuous exercise and five minutes of cool down.


Photo courtesy of Redefined Fitness Studio

“The Lagree Method encompasses strength, endurance, core, cardio, flexibility, and balance in every move,” Diab says. “It provides an intense workout without the impact some high-intensity training can put on the joints. It is for men and women of all ages and all fitness levels.”

The class incorporates the Megaformer, a fitness machine with a moving platform and springs for resistance that is used for Lagree Method workouts.

“When you come into Redefined for your first class, you can expect an awesome community, a fun playlist, and a killer workout that leaves you feeling a little stronger each time you leave,” she says.

Diab wanted to be a part of people’s fitness journey, and says she wanted to help them make it a journey they loved and looked forward to.

“My motivation behind opening Redefined was first and foremost to share one of the best workouts with our community, but secondly to build a community of strong men and women working together to better themselves,” she says. “From the beginning, I have always wanted my studio to be a safe and welcome place for all.”

“Somewhere you come to get stronger mentally and physically and learn that strength is not represented by the muscle you build, but rather gained when you decide to show up for yourself and make choices that enhance your life, grow your mind and make you feel accomplished.”

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