Youth Sports, Extended Learning Programs Accessible for Families

The school year will be different this year and the YMCA wants to ensure that children and teens have access to opportunities they need to learn, grow, and thrive. Whether it’s a safe, enriching environment to go outside of school, or staying active through youth sports, the Y is committed to enhancing your child’s school year.

All programs have been adapted with safety at the forefront. We are taking precautions outlined by the CDC and consistently revising and updating our safety guidelines to this evolving situation, so please bear with us if anything should change. Explore and learn more about our programs below:

Extended Learning – The YMCA’s Extended Learning Day Camp operates on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., for students participating in virtual learning. We have created a fun, socially distanced environment, where students can complete their virtual learning requirements, participate in sports, arts and crafts, exercise and socialize. Some other possible activities include swimming and visiting YMCA Camp Kirkwood.

There are programs available for teacher workdays/holidays, and program sites include First Baptist Church of Leland, Midtown YMCA, Nir Family YMCA, and Ogden YMCA Activity Center. We anticipate these programs will fill up fast, so early registration is recommended.

Youth Sports – There are a few modified youth sports options to ensure the safety of children. Our outdoor recreational soccer and flag football programs include a standard league or training session. Standard league includes one weekly practice and eight games against another team in our league. The fall training session will consist of one weekly session in a small group and no games. The idea is that games present a higher risk than training only. There are a complex set of guidelines pertaining to limiting the spread of the Coronavirus posted on our website; one is that coaches, players, and staff will have their temperature checked at the start of each practice session, at all fields. Additionally, Halo Hoops is anticipating holding a modified winter league. To make all this happen, we are adapting our programs to current safety guidelines. This includes updating training procedures for coaches. One of the first deadlines is September 15, and the final one is November 17.

Swim Lessons – Small group and private swim lessons are available this fall. Swim lessons are available for children and adults 6 months and older. We have modified our swim lesson programs to adhere to state and local policies and guidelines to ensure the safety of our community. We require a parent in the water for all lessons for any child that cannot swim completely independently.

The Y has been listening and responding to the needs of our community for 133 years. Though COVID-19 has proven to be a challenge for all of us, the Y remains committed to serving children and families in a safe and socially responsible manner. For information on back to school programs, safety guidelines and commonly asked questions, visit our website or call 910-251-9622.

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