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With so many new people relocating to Wilmington, it can sometimes feel as if our little corner of the world is already in the global spotlight. Our general manager Anthony Sciscento recently added to the attention that our city receives on the international stage, by winning a company-wide competition to see who would become the next Virtual Personal Trainer (VPT).

A self-described fitness junkie who has a degree in Exercise Physiology, Sciscento was also invited to compete in was one of 40 that made it past the initial round. This group was then narrowed down to 15 competitors.

The group of 15, including Sciscento, was then invited to the annual franchise convention in San Antonio to participate in the final round of the 2021 Virtual Instructor Competition. The field was narrowed down to seven of the original 15. Of the 15, two Virtual Personal Trainers were selected to instruct both in the FX Zone (weighted area) and at home, as well as to be a part of the other five instructors selected to be Virtual Instructors leading sessions on screen. The VPTs have the ability to do both.

The final round began with a combine that included one-on-one interviews and short, choreographed isometric style workouts. Each competitor was evaluated on mental readiness, technical form, and workout queuing by judges Stephen Smith, CEO and Hotworx creator; Kasie Banks, executive marketing director; Laura Valenti, marketing director-franchise performance; Carla Pesono, assistant marketing director; and Victoria Price, marketing consultant and franchisee. The following day, convention attendees were invited to participate in an outdoor workout where the top 15 competitors led a portion of the workout to showcase their instructing skills.

During the competition, Sciscento was asked a number of interview questions while also being required to stay in the plank position for five minutes. “This was definitely one of the most challenging portions of the entire competition,” laughed Sciscento. He added that all of the competitors were incredibly qualified, with a wide range of experience and skills.

“It was a huge honor for me to be selected as one of only two Virtual Personal Trainers worldwide, as the people I competed against were very talented. The fact that I am a manager was an advantage for me, as it has helped me to understand what motivates and drives our membership,” explained Sciscento.

After the competition was over, convention attendees voted on their favorites. “It really helps if you believe in what you’re doing, and you have a love for the workout here at HOTWORX. Training here provides a sustainable way to exercise, lose weight and increase muscle toning while minimizing exposure to pain,” added Sciscento.

A former competitive swimmer, Sciscento gained exposure to the physiological benefits of training in a hot environment after a shoulder injury forced him out of the water. He quickly realized that training in an infrared sauna can boost the effectiveness of any workout. Also, the time spent with recovery can be reduced because infrared heating warms from the inside out, and the warm environment allows for a deeper, more productive stretching of the muscles.

The effect is compounded by the fact that training with infrared heating delivers more endorphins compared to traditional methods. This is basically just a result of the infrared workout being a more efficient, intense option than other training programs.

Now that Sciscento is a winner of such a prestigious competition, it is not hyperbole to state the Wilmington studio provides workout enthusiasts with a chance to train with the best. If that were not enough, we have also purchased a number of brand-new rowing machines. To find out more about HOTWORX or schedule your first session, visit www.hotworx.net or call 910- 832-9679.

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