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2022 WILMA Show Exhibitor Resources:


Registration is now open for The WILMA Show!

  • Don’t forget to personally invite your contacts to come see you at the Show. Invite them to visit your booth and take advantage of the other businesses that will be showcased.
  • Offer them a discount code to waive the $5 registration fee. Share the code WILMASHOW22 when registering. Click here to register on Eventbrite.
  • As an exhibitor, we still encourage you to go ahead and register for The WILMA Show and have anyone working your booth register as well. You can use the discount code mentioned above when registering to waive the fee.


  • Each exhibitor booth space comes with a 6’ table with tablecloth, 2 chairs and a company sign. If you need additional furniture, please note this in the exhibitor details form. There will be people working at the loading dock on move-in day to help you unload your supplies and take them to your booth.
  • Having an interactive booth will help draw people to your space. If you need help coming up with fun ways to showcase your business and get the most out of your exhibiting experience, feel free to contact your sales rep or give me a call.
  • Demonstrations? Prizes? Samples? Let us know if you will have anything that we can announce in advance to bring traffic into your booth. You can include this info when completing your exhibitor details form or send us a follow-up email once you’ve finalized your plan.
  • Any sampling of food or beverage of any kind must be approved by the Wilmington Convention Center 2 weeks prior to the Show. All WCC guidelines and rules for sampling must be adhered to by the vendors. To serve food/beverage samples, form must be submitted to Convention Center by Friday, November 25. Click here for the Food & Beverage Sampling Form.
  • Any products being sampled must be manufactured by the vendor and cannot be sold for consumption on the day of the event. Additionally, no outside food or beverage may be sold on property at any time at the Convention Center. Please forward any questions to Scott Frazzetta, Assistant General Manager at the WCC, sfrazzetta@businessmadecasual.com.
  • If you need electricity or high-speed internet, fill out the form linked below. This will go directly to the Convention Center. Deadline for pre-registration is Nov. 25. There will be an additional charge if you sign up the week of the eventElectric and Utilities Service Order Form
    • Please note that WILMA is providing complimentary WIFI for everyone with speeds up to 128kbps throughout the center.
    • We do recommend purchasing a higher internet speed if you’re planning to do anything more interactive at your booth since the complimentary WIFI network will be in heavy use throughout the day.
  • Exhibitor move-in is Friday afternoon, Dec.2. We’ll send out additional details leading up to the event, including the move-in time. Please note that there is a large race scheduled for Saturday morning, so we’re trying to get everyone moved in on Friday afternoon to avoid delays and back-up on event day.


  • Exhibitor Details Form: As an exhibitor, we’re asking that you complete the exhibitor details form to share more about what your booth space will include at The WILMA Show. This information is extremely important as we finalize our contact list and build out our floorplan for the event.

Click here to access the exhibitor details form.

Please complete this form at your earliest convenience, but no later than Wednesday, November 11.

Note: If you have changes or updates to your booth space after submitting your form, please email Elizabeth Stelzenmuller at estelz@wilmingtonbiz.com


  • We encourage you to promote your booth at The WILMA Show to your clients and customers via your social media channels, newsletters, direct email, etc.
  • We’ve created an Exhibitor Marketing Dropbox folder for exhibitors to access that includes images for you to share on social media, event ads and a couple versions of The WILMA Show logo. Click here to view and feel free to utilize these in your promotions however you’d like!
  • Facebook Event:  Click here for a link to the Facebook event. Share with your network by RSVPing and sending invites to your friends, family and clients.

For event-related questions, contact Elizabeth Stelzenmuller, events director, at estelz@wilmingtonbiz.com