Why CFA?


Small classes where students are encouraged to excel in academics, the arts and athletics and a 100 percent admission rate into college are a few reasons why local parents choose Cape Fear Academy. And the school’s new Headmaster Don Berger has a message to send throughout the community: “Private school is not just for the wealthy and the elite. We are absolutely accessible to families and have funds available to make that possible.”

At the youngest grades, students get a chance to gain hands-on problem-solving skills with the latest technology including iPads and Smart Boards. Cape Fear Academy is serious about cultivating the next generation of 21st century global citizens.

In ninth grade, it hosts college nights for parents and students to learn about today’s college admissions process.

“Your typical public school has a guidance counselor for several hundred students. It’s a huge job. At Cape Fear Academy, we have one full-time college counselor for our senior class of 60 or so students,” Berger said.

College admissions directors come speak directly to 10th through 12th grade students and parents. Of the Class of 2012, 82 percent were admitted to the college of their first choice.

In college, Cape Fear Academy alumni say they are more prepared for the academic challenges. They are better at managing their time, writing at the college-level and taking initiative. One myth surrounding smaller, independent schools is that students are not prepared for a large university and get overwhelmed.

“The opposite is what I’ve found. Students who come from independent schools like Cape Fear Academy, have the confidence to approach teachers in large lectures and the confidence to sign-up for office hours,” Berger said.

Lastly, independent schools such as Cape Fear Academy have the dexterity to adapt to individual student’s needs at the classroom-level.

“I can change the nature of my 10th grade math class or eighth grade social studies class and not worry about End of the Year testing or standards imposed by an outside group. As an independent school, we can create the environment best for students in the classroom more effectively,” he said.


Cape Fear Academy has been a leader in the educational community of southeastern North Carolina since 1967. Known for its academic excellence and outstanding college preparatory program, the pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning across academic disciplines. For more information, visit www.capefearacademy.org or call (910) 791-0287.