What’s missing in ILM?

Man on the street
"What's really missing is a new major hotel for the new convention center."
-Mike Hartel, 50
“We need some bigger businesses downtown like Panera, like they have in Charleston … There are no big corporations downtown.”
-Abbie Jones, 21
“I don’t believe any more restaurants. There should be a concentration on more entertainment for younger people.”
-Roy Broch, 69
“We need a Sheetz. It’s supposed to be one of the best gas stations and restaurant. And a P.F Chang’s.”
-James Inman, 17
“They just redid all those tennis courts at Empie (Park), but there is only one basketball court … A drive-in theater would be cool. A White Castle would be awesome.”
-Tisha Ruffin, 29
“We could have different restaurants that other cities have. Here, it’s a whole bunch of the same. And more stuff for the youth to do … like a bigger fair. We could have a small outlet.”
-Kenya Burgess, 23
“We need more restaurants on the Monkey Junction side … There’s a lack of toddler playgrounds since the schools don’t open theirs on the weekends. There’s no mom-and-me classes.”
-Ally Langdon, 34
“What I would like to see is them redo the municipal golf course … I think that’s one of the best decisions the city could make far as an investment.”
-Jerry McGraw, 60
“I like Macy’s. We need one of those or Basil – it’s a Thai restaurant. We used to have a movie theater that serves dinner.”
-Annie Galisio, 21
“We want a major department store chain like Nordstrom or Saks.”
– Betsey Leuchs, 60+