What to Do if a Facelift is Off the Table

Screen Shot 2023 05 10 At 20336 PmRealizing that 80 percent of aesthetic treatments are non-incisional, meaning surgery is not required, Aleta Sloan – PAC has built a small, but mighty practice. Tucked away on the second floor of Lumina Station, United Medical and Aesthetics (UM&A) could rival most of the ‘medspas’ in Beverly Hills. Aleta strives to offer the most advanced laser technology and innovative injectables available to clients in Wilmington, which is the hometown of her husband, Timothy Sloan DVM, MD.

With a variety of skin care treatments and lasers available, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are worth the time and money. To provide game changing results, Aleta helps you decide what treatments are best to achieve your goals if surgery is off the table. So what are your options?

Aleta breaks down aging into two major areas. Skin quality is the first major area, and around 50 percent of people believe that facial aging is related to it. The second major area is the structure of the face, and in this case, facial aging is related to volume loss and laxity.

At UM&A, we focus on enhancing the skin quality of our patients by emphasizing sun protection, active and prescriptive ingredient skin care, and by combining lasers with injectable treatments. If the treatments are started in your 20s, it’s possible to completely change the trajectory of your aging. But regardless of your age, it’s never too late to return to a more youthful look.

UM&A offers Elta, MD, revision skin care, Obaji SkinCeuticals, anti-age, PRP, stem cells and exosomes. Aleta offers all the neurotoxins and FDA fillers on the market. To provide her clients with the best possible benefit, she prefers fillers with less cross-linking and inflammatory actions, along with bio simulators that provide maximum lift but also help build collagen and elastin, such as Radiesse and Sculptra.

A variety of methods can be used to address volume loss and laxity. When used appropriately and modestly, these can reduce the negative appearance of volume deficits in the mid-face, chin, temples and jawline. Laxity, however, cannot be truly remedied by fillers alone. The risk of overfilling and ending up with a puffy appearance to the face is real. Depending on the degree of laxity, certain lasers in radio frequency, micro needling and biostimulators—or a combination of these—can be used to deliver excellent results, whether you’re in your 30s or your 80s. There are before and after photos on Aleta’s Instagram, @aletasloanthepa, and the results are compelling.

When there is moderate to severe laxity of the face and neck, it is not always possible to satisfactorily treat the effects with non-surgical techniques. In cases where Aleta believes the Morpheus8, threads, fillers and bio treatments she offers will be ineffective, she refers patients to a board-certified plastic surgeon.

If a facelift is truly off the table, there are multiple modalities that can be used to achieve near-surgical results for appropriate candidates. A few of these include skin tightening with Morpheus8, skin resurfacing with TetraCO2, for fine and deep wrinkles, pigmentation, poor texture, and acne scars, and Nordlys IPL and Frax for vascular changes, scars, and wrinkles. By combining these options with biostimulators, hyaluronic acid, filers, and medical grade skin care, it is possible to achieve amazing results.

Aleta offers multiple combinations of treatments and a reasonable fee structure. Her patients come first and she always refers them out if she feels their needs will be better served by a surgeon. Aleta only draws conclusions from scientific studies and she would love to be a part of your journey. Her trademark is “Where Medicine Meets Beauty,” and she leverages 30 years of medical knowledge in aesthetic care to make you beautiful from the inside out.

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