What To Consider Before Remodeling: Brian Vogel

Industry trends point to kitchens being the most popular rooms homeowners are choosing for remodeling, followed by the master baths and secondary bathrooms.

With so many new and exciting options from colors and styles to cabinetry to hardware, it’s easy for homeowners to quickly get overwhelmed.

There are certain remodeling considerations that are consistent, regardless of the extent of work or age of the home: budget and timeline.

According to Markraft Technical Advisor Brian Vogel, budget is king when looking to remodel. Homeowners should temper their enthusiasm when it comes to how much to spend, especially when remodeling to get a home ready to sell.

Targeting the right return on investment is key to avoid either pricing yourself out of the market or not getting enough back in the sale of the home to cover the cost of renovation.

When it comes to the timeline to get the work done, Brian’s overarching advice to homeowners is to be aware of peaks and valleys.

“During my career, I’ve seen the beginning of HGTV which has given people an unrealistic timeframe, the work goes too smooth in order to fit into 30 minutes,” he says.

First off, a homeowner needs to conceptualize the remodel. Customers walking into the Markraft showroom in Wilmington are greeted with the latest and greatest, everything that’s trending and “hot” in kitchens and baths.They can chat with knowledgeable staff, collect samples and other materials, then make an appointment with a Markraft designer.That’s when the kitchen or bath gets measured, and discussions take place around pricing, style and color.

“What we find is most people who come in have a general idea, they’ve seen their neighbors or relative’s house. They just need a professional to steer them into the right direction and tie it into a realistic budget,” Brian explains.

The “right direction” encompasses everything from differing cabinet heights to variations of hardware to the right combination of form and function.

Once the budget is set and cabinets and the like are selected and ordered, homeowners should plan on 4-8 weeks on average for delivery depending on the product. Sometime after that (usually 48 hours) construction will begin and 7-10 days typically new countertops for example, will get put in. The contractors like plumbers will be sent out to get the kitchen up and running.

Whether remodeling an older home or a recent build, once work starts the home is going to be somewhat torn-up, with certain rooms being inaccessible during construction.With older homes, there is the possibility that once old cabinets are torn out, some underlying damage might be found that needs repair before remodeling can continue.

“You really need to have a certain level of flexibility in your budget to account for incidental, unexpected surprises,” Brian cautions. *Many variables during construction affect the lead time for all products.

Brian Vogel is Technical Advisor at Markraft on the construction side of the business. His job is to work with his team to bring client projects to completion after finalization of designs and delivery of materials. Take your first step towards the design of your dreams by visiting Markraft’s Design Studio, 2705 Castle Creek Lane, just off Castle Hayne Road. Markraft’s professional kitchen and bath designers consult by appointment but drop-in visitors are always welcome to browse the showroom, open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday.

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