W2W Leadership Initiative's January Updates

Updates on WILMA's Women to Watch Leadership Initiative
Photo by Michael Cline Spencer

WILMA’s Women to Watch Leadership Initiative has updates to share as we continue to work on the effort’s core mission of helping develop more women leaders in our area. Here’s what we’ve been up to with various W2W Leadership Initiative programs and what’s coming up next:

MENTORING: Applications will go out next month for participants of the 2019-20 mentorship program in which we match up mentees with female and male leaders in the community serving as mentors for a year. Women who have been a part of the various Women to Watch Leadership Initiative programs during the past year are invited to apply for a slot. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, feel free to contact us. (group mentoring event at Live Oak Bank shown above)

LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE: The 2019 class of WILMA’s Leadership Institute will hold its kickoff meeting this month, holding the first session of the nine-month program.

WILMA NETWORK: The WILMA Network, made up of women from the companies that support the Women to Watch initiative, serve as a resource for each other and represent a variety of area businesses, large and small. Members participate in small-group networking events called 2nd Tuesdays.

IN THE LOOP: Keep up to date with these and other Leadership Initiative programs as well as applications announcement by going to WILMASToWatch.com or signing up for the WILMA Weekly newsletter on our website.


-Vicky Janowski, WILMA co-editor, and Maggi Apel, events director, Co-directors of the Women to Watch Leadership Initiative



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