UNCW Professor Earns Fellow Title

Marine Biological Association honors Alison Taylor

Img 4703.cr2 ALISON TAYLOR, a UNCW professor in the biology and marine biology department, has been selected to receive the title of Fellow of the Marine Biological Association.

“The title is awarded in recognition of distinguished and long-term contributions to marine biology at the highest level, in areas that include research, education, outreach, or professional and public service,” according to officials.

The Marine Biological Association is based at the marine research laboratory in Plymouth, United Kingdom, and is a professional body for marine scientists with about 1,600 members worldwide.

Taylor services as the director of the University of North Carolina Wilmington Dillaman Microscopy Laboratory, which supports research and applied learning projects. Her research focuses on the fundamental biology of marine protists (single-celled organisms), university officials say.

“This is an impressive honor in recognition of Dr. Taylor’s sustained outstanding marine biological research, teaching, service, and overall contributions to the discipline,” says Stuart Borrett, UNCW’s associate provost for research and innovation.

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