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Carter Jewell launches Mocksie Craft Cocktails

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Carter Jewell recently launched Mocksie Craft Mocktails, a local bartending service that aims to deliver the flavors and fun of boozy favorites without alcohol.

Mocksie offers a selection of de-alcoholized classics and reimagined alternatives, some of which are created with natural ingredients to mimic the benefits of a buzz without the booze. The business started operating primarily as a bartending service, although some pop-up events have provided an opportunity to buy products to enjoy at home.

Jewell secured a tasting room at 713 Princess Street to store her stock of dozens of zero-proof beers, seltzers, spirits, and wines – where clients can come to sample products and plan a menu for an upcoming event.

Jewell has sourced a variety of booze-free nods to classic spirits like bourbon, gin, and tequila for mocktails, although she recognizes her nonalcoholic spirits work best in mixed drinks that are naturally less alcohol-forward.

“If you want a bourbon on the rocks, I’ve yet to find a bourbon on the rocks that has the same kind of mouthfeel,” Jewell says. “But we can make you a good mixed bourbon drink that tastes correct.”

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