The Welcome Wagon: Beach Draw

Seeing ILM through new eyes


The rise in remote working over the past couple years has brought a wave of people to the Wilmington area. Meet some of these new neighbors and discover (or rediscover, if you’ve been here a while) where to work, relax, and connect around town.

  • Meet Greet: Click here to read about Katie Schmidt and why she moved here below.
  • Beach Draw: Read more about why Loleta Robinson decided to make Wilmington her home below.
  • Plugging In: Click here to read about Kelly Specht and why she chose Wilmington.

LOLETA ROBINSON moved to Wilmington at the beginning of 2021 from Omaha, Nebraska, – “by way of Maryland.” As CEO of Fortis Industries LLC, she is running her business remotely here now. Robinson’s company uses data analytics, due diligence, and an industry network to evaluate potential investment opportunities in health care for various clients. “We are expanding our service offerings to include the use of geographic information systems and tools to address public health issues related to health equity, access to care, and population health,” she says.  

What made you decide to move here? “I enjoyed the beach, downtown, Riverwalk, and the surrounding area so much during my first visit to Wilmington in October 2021 that I moved here.” 

Were you considering other cities as well? “Jacksonville, Florida, was on my list, but I realized it wasn’t for me once I spent some time there.” 

What factors played most into your decision of picking here? “It’s near the beach, not too far from the mountains, where I can go fly fishing, and it’s on the East Coast.” 

Impressions so far? “I love it. Great restaurants, not too big or small, and only a twenty-minute drive from the beach.” 

What do you miss, though from your last city? “My friends. However, they have plans to visit me soon.” 

What have you learned about how to work remotely? “I’ve been working remotely for the last couple of years, and I’ve found it useful to set up a comfortable workspace and take breaks throughout the day. Walking, yoga, or reading a book on the balcony are all excellent ways to unwind between Zoom meetings.” 

How about networking with your new community – how have you tried to make connections? “Not nearly as much as I should. Most of my day is spent working, so after work, I like to relax. But I’m still new to Wilmington, so I’m open to suggestions.” 

Favorite place to visit or spend a day? “Wrightsville Beach” 

Favorite places to eat or drink? “Catch, Indochine” 

A surprise you’ve come across since moving here? “There are so many people moving here. I thought I was the only one who discovered this gem of a city.” 

Advice for other newcomers? “Take advantage of the growing cultural community – art galleries and museums, live music venues, and the North Carolina Black Film Festival.”


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