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Jennifer Gironda

For nearly ten years, local artist JENNIFER LOVE GIRONDA has created a new piece of artwork every single day. What started as a realization that she wasn’t producing nearly enough artwork as she’d like to, exploded into a decade-long endeavor of her making more than 3,600 pieces and counting.

On January 27, the Cameron Art Museum community will have the opportunity to make their own artwork with Gironda when she hosts the museum’s monthly Art Buzz event titled Mixed Media Fashion Illustrations.

During the two-and-a-half-hour event, the Wilmington-based artist and art teacher will lead participants through a fashion sketching session featuring mixed media collage materials, working from various images from fashion magazines. They’ll also learn how to make a croquis and add garments using a variety of 2D collage materials. Assorted papers and adhesives will be provided, but participants are welcome to bring any scrap papers, magazines, or other materials to complete their looks.

“I’m going to do a quick demonstration and tutorial on how to do a fashion figure,” Gironda says. “It’s your standard figure that you use to do all your fashions on. What makes mine pretty unique is I love recycled art and recycled fashion. So, I’m going to have a bunch of trash.”

Art Buzz was conceived in 2019 when the museum had the idea to give folks an opportunity to learn a new skill while enjoying a drink with new or old pals, combining a social hangout with an art focus. It’s hosted on a monthly basis, either on Thursday evening or Saturday morning, when the museum cafe is open. The event hosts a new artist each month, with the medium varying by creator.

For this session, it’ll focus heavily on mixed media and fashion illustration, for which Gironda will utilize her undergraduate and graduate degrees in textiles from East Carolina University.

“A lot of times, you’ll get people that haven’t done any art or don’t feel confident in their skills,” Gironda says. “So, I’m hoping that way I’ll do a quick tutorial and then just the aspect of being able to play with those materials. I think that’ll take some of the anxiety out of doing an art piece. Also, I’m sure the wine will help as well.”

The event is open to both museum members and nonmembers, and art enthusiasts and amateurs.

“Art Buzz is an opportunity for friends to get together at an event,” says SEPTEMBER KRUEGER, director of lifelong learning at the Cameron Art Museum. “It’s for all ages. I’ve seen a wide range of people coming out to try their hand at something. You don’t have to be experienced in the medium; you just have to have a spirit of trying.”

Art Buzz: Mixed Media Fashion Illustration

January 27 | 6-8:30 p.m. | Cameron Art Museum

Tickets: $45 for museum members, $50 for nonmembers

Tickets are available online at

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