Take Your First Steps Toward Financial Independence

I run ultramarathons – up mountains, over rocks and roots, and through rivers.

I love the rush of a technical descent and how a stunning view can take my breath away (sometimes, that’s because of the climb to get there!). I love the quiet hum of a deserted trail and the feeling of accomplishment after a long run.

But I didn’t just wake up one morning with the ability to run 35 miles. I worked my way up from half marathon to marathon. I set 4 a.m. alarms to run before dawn. I devote my weekends to logging miles. In short, I put in the work – I set a goal and commit the time, energy, and resources to achieve it.

And I have a lot of help: training partners who are willing to run before work; family who travels to watch me cross the finish line; mentors who encourage me and develop training plans.

Whether it is related to health or wealth, everyone deserves a support system to help them chase their dreams. At Pathfinder Wealth Consulting, we will be your coach, mentor, and cheerleader as you put in the work to achieve your financial goals.

Our team is driven by a set of principles – our EPIC philosophy, a straightforward way to explain our core values and the foundation of our client engagements. EPIC stands for Education, Planning, Implementation, and Commitment.


Our client engagements begin with collecting data and having indepth discussions about your financial aspirations and preferences. To build a plan tailored to you, it is imperative to understand your specific situation. Every time you go to the doctor, you start with a discussion of your medical history and current concerns… why should your financial health be any different?

The other side of education is teaching you about the complexities and options available to your financial life. Understanding where you are and the options you have is vital for setting a starting point to your long-term plan.


Once we have an understanding of your current situation and goals, we take a comprehensive approach to integrate all aspects of your financial life, from assets and liabilities to estate planning and taxes. Our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals will work with you to chart a customized course of action to help you achieve your goals. Think of this as your “training plan.”


A plan without action doesn’t hold a lot of value, which is why we help turn your dreams into an actionable strategy with targets, guidelines, and checkpoints along the way. Some years, your review meetings may be very routine. Other years, you may be faced with high-stakes financial decisions that require more frequent appointments to help you stay aligned with your financial vision. We are here for you as your needs evolve.


Commitment is a two-way street.

You must be committed to your financial goals and therefore committed to the plan to achieve them. There are plenty of days that getting in the necessary miles feels like a complete grind. But most of the time, I push through because I know the goal will be worth it.

As your Financial Planner, we are committed to you. We are dedicated to providing you with superior service and encouragement along the way.

Just like everyone is not cut out for running ultramarathons, the same is true for achieving financial independence. However, if you are ready to lace up your shoes and take the first steps down an EPIC financial path, visit our website, www.pathfinderwc.com, or give us a call at 910-793-0616. No running required!

Katie Henderson is Marketing Director for Pathfinder Wealth Consulting, an independent financial planning and investment management firm in Wilmington.

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