Take 5 with Christy Spivey

Talking with Christy about ImpactClub's reach locally


In 2016, Ryan Fletcher co-founded the first ImpactClub in northern Virginia with hopes that it would one day be known as the “Home of Worldchangers.” One year later, CHRISTY and CHRIS SPIVEY launched the Wilmington group. In just a few years, the impacts of this endeavor are far-reaching in the local community. The group meets four times a year to listen to speeches from nonprofits in need before deciding who will be rewarded with a pool of donations collected from club members at the meeting. As hard as it is to believe, this financial sum is typically in the tens of thousands of dollars per meeting. We talk with Christy Spivey about the club’s reach in the Wilmington area.

What is one detail/event from your childhood that you believe led you to want to give back?

“We didn’t have a lot when I was growing up. But, no matter how much we didn’t have, I knew there was always someone else that had less. My grandmother taught me to be content and to help others.”

What would you like people to know about your husband and co-founder, Chris?

“My husband, Chris Spivey, is the most compassionate and big-hearted man, especially when it comes to children. It took courage and an extreme amount of work to get ImpactClub started and to keep it going, but he does it for the love of our community. His business sense and experience has been an asset in organizing and growing ImpactClub. He also leads Mustaches for Kids and volunteers for Life Rolls On.”

What are some of your favorite charitable causes?

“There are so many, but I’ll have to say those nonprofits that address basic safety, food, housing, and education – particularly for children – are so important. It’s hard for people to believe that there is need for such fundamental basic things right here in Wilmington, but it is true. If we can ensure that every child is safe, well-fed, has a home, and can get a quality education, we not only improve their chances for a better future, but we improve the long-term health of the community, as well.”

What do you think is the most impressive feature of ImpactClub?

“There’s no gala, no dressing up, no administrative overhead, no waste. All of the donations go straight from the members to the winning charity. You can show up in flip flops and shorts, hang out, learn about the many nonprofits serving our area, and know that your donation goes directly to the charity.”

Why do you think the Wilmington chapter is so successful?

“Chris’ leadership has been key in making the local vision for ImpactClub come true, and, the great people of this community who have committed to making this difference for our area by becoming members. They are selfless and excited about what coming together with a common heart can do for others.”

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