Stretching Might Just Be the Most Important Part of Your Fitness Routine


Is Assisted Stretching for you? In a short answer: yes! At StretchLab we get this question a lot – who should be getting stretched? We may think that assisted stretching is a service reserved for elite athletes or incredibly active people. Those people can certainly benefit from assisted stretching – but there are so many incredible benefits that reach more people. Many of our members visit our studio on a weekly basis to practice injury prevention to lower the risk of pulled muscles, or reduce pain from tension, soreness, or tightness from daily life like prolonged sitting or standing at work or chasing children or grandchildren around the home.

Tdw5065An assisted stretch at StretchLab begins with us getting to know you a little and evaluating how well your body is moving. We’ll ask about your current flexibility (and don’t worry if you have none – that’s what we are here for!), if you have any previous injuries and what your goals are. Your goals might be to golf a little more, train for a marathon or just get out of bed with less creaks and pops in the morning. No matter what brings you into StretchLab, we will customize an assisted stretch that will increase your mobility and decrease that muscle tension that we all build up over time.

After we get to know you, your Flexologist will invite you to lay down on one of our comfortable benches and begin your custom stretch routine. Our Flexologists have gone through dozens of hours of training through our Flexologist Training Program that is the only nationally accredited assisted stretching program in America. They are highly trained and qualified to assess your mobility and take great care with each client for your comfort and safety. Each stretch will have a specific goal on a tension scale and you shouldn’t feel any pain during your stretch. Your Flexologist will be in constant communication with you and at times will ask you to activate your muscles and push back on them during the stretch. This helps release your stretch reflex and get you into a deeper stretch and we will hold these stretches for maximum benefit.


Our full 50 minute stretch will allow us to stretch your full body from neck to calves and our 25 minute stretch is a more targeted stretch to address a certain focus area.

We work with clients of all ages, fitness levels and flexibility levels to help decrease pain, increase mobility and overall range of motion. No matter what brings you into StretchLab – back pain, hip tightness, wanting to increase your running stride – we will custom create a plan that is right for your body, your mobility goals and your wallet! StretchLab offers convenient monthly memberships making your stretching a consistent practice will lead to the best overall results.

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