Storage Options Beyond the Kitchen Or Bath

The first thing that comes to mind when many of us think of cabinets is our kitchen or bathrooms. These two places are heavily used in every home and oftentimes need the most storage space. However, as floor plans and design trends shift to accommodate modern living, built in storage options are being added to other rooms of the home as well.

Entry Way and Mudroom Storage

Maximizing space in entryways and mudrooms has become popular in recent years. Depending on your floor plan, you likely walk through one of these two spaces each time you enter or leave your home. Having a built-in place to drop a coat, pocketbook, backpack, or shoes is a fantastic feature that can be designed to look beautiful all while providing an efficient use of space. Built in benches with tops that lift up for storage, open spaces with hooks for hanging coats and backpacks, and cabinets that reach from floor to ceiling to conceal bulky outerwear, hats, and gloves are just a few ways to improve these spaces.

Laundry Room Storage

Designing a laundry room has been gaining popularity among homeowners. The added cozy factor that comes along with walking past a neat and tidy laundry room, combined with some visual appeal when the door is left open, is what folks are looking to achieve when considering options for laundry room design plans and décor. Installing upper cabinets over the washer and dryer add storage for laundry soaps, household cleaning supplies, and can even make a great place to keep crafting supplies organized. Creating space for a clothes-hanging rod between cabinets is an option for hanging garments that need to air dry, making laundry easy on you and your delicates. No matter what style or shape your laundry room appliances are, cabinetry can be installed around the appliances to maximize your storage space. 

Garage Storage

Let’s face it, we all want our garages to be able to handle all of our storage needs while also leaving plenty of room to maneuver our vehicles in and out. But taking on the task of organizing everything in the garage can seem daunting. With the help of garage cabinetry, you can make efficient use of your entire garage space, keep items easy to find, and still have a place to park – giving you the garage of your dreams! Investing in a wall of cabinetry not only keeps garage items organized but hides many bulky items that are better served out of sight. Custom garage cabinetry provides so much storage space that other parts of the garage are left open for other upgrades, such as the work bench you’ve always wanted to install or room to park a new toy.  

Adding custom cabinetry in any one of these spaces will not only help your hectic household days run smoothly but add value to your home too. Take some time to consider what areas of your home might need a design plan to make better use of the space. Markraft’s talented team of designers are ready to meet with you to discuss how to start your customized storage design plan.

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