Spice It Up

Shades of fall's new palette

Summer’s bright hues are giving way to a purer color statement: monochrome. But don’t feel tied to your run-of-the-mill neutrals. Autumn promises to spice things up with warm hues of maple, pumpkin, port, and sage. Let the purity of the color lead and go tone-on-tone from head-to-toe for a powerful yet effortless look. In the mood for a closet reorg? Arrange your garments by color for an easy way to incorporate the monochromatic trend.

– Nina Bays Cournoyer  




On Kelly (above left): 1970s Napier lucite NECKLACE ($22) and Aigner full-length leather TRENCH ($138), both available at Second Skin Vintage. On Wyatt (above right): C/MEO Collective ultralight DRESS ($185), available at Elle Boutique


(Left) Faux lizard top handle PURSE ($32), stretchy gold BELT ($24), and suede pencil SKIRT ($44), all available at Second Skin Vintage; tan ribbed BODYSUIT ($47), Island Gypsy sheer knit TOP ($189), and Spectrum handcrafted wooden EARRINGS ($38), all available at Tusc; rose gold BANGLE ($95), available at Elle Boutique 


(Right) Scotch and Soda denim SHIRT ($165), available at Elle Boutique; Kopious bandana NECKLACE ($36) and Kate maxi slip DRESS ($198), both available at Tusc; blue view SUNNIES ($12), clear chain EARRINGS ($22), and gold BANGLE ($14), all available at Hallelu



(Left) Lacausa Santi JUMPSUIT ($165), Degn Davidson Pyramid pave EARRINGS ($165), and Loeffler Randall fox fur sable lock shoulder PURSE ($550), all available at Oliver


(Below) Merewif Fredi RING ($135), Raven and Riley CHOKER ($110), and Callahan slinky tie-up MAXI ($188), all available at Oliver


MODELS: Kelly Tada and Wyatt Beard

HAIR: Brandy Alexander (Groove Jet Salon + Spa)

MAKEUP: Brittani Antoinette

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