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It is no secret that the past few years have been stressful. There have been many changes in daily lives with little change in the way these new stresses are managed to keep us focused on what is important. 

To address some of these issues, KELLY PURCELL recently opened Ground. Connect. Empower. with a mission “to coach people, helping them incorporate science-based tools into their lives, positively impacting the well-being of the individual and their community.” 

Purcell was introduced to the way stress and trauma impact the whole body by a colleague while working as a third-grade teacher. 

“I saw a huge need for social and emotional learning. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn about how impactful stress and trauma can be,” Purcell says. “The techniques I was learning not only helped my students and coworkers but also applied them to my life – and it completely changed my life.

“I have committed my life to the work of helping people learn skills to manage stress so they can feel more balanced, more connected to themselves and others,” she adds.

This led Purcell to become a certified yoga instructor, which allowed her to focus on trauma-informed practices and learn how to use crystal singing bowls to help rebalance and relax the mind and body. 

“I am also a certified Community Resiliency Model (CRM) teacher, which is a model used globally to teach people the science-based tools that help them manage stress and expand well-being,” Purcell says. “I believe deeply in the wisdom of the human body. With the right tools and practices, people can have an incredible power to rebalance, reconnect, and re-engage their lives, relationships, and communities.”

Ground. Connect. Empower. is for anyone looking for a greater sense of internal balance. It offers services for individuals, groups, and organizations with scheduled workshops and ability to travel to provide services. 

Practices include restorative crystal bowl sound healing workshops, restorative yoga classes, gentle yoga and sound healing at the beach, personal development coaching and yoga – one-on-one and group sessions – as well as CRM workshops. 

“The tools and practices that I teach have completely changed my life and empowered me to feel whole again,” Purcell says. “I am so passionate about sharing what has taken me many years to learn; I want everyone to have these skills, to shorten the time it would take them to learn on their own and to start improving their lives immediately.” 

While it may seem like this type of assistance is out of reach for those on a budget, Purcell assures her clients that this is not the case. 

“Accessibility is very important to me, and I work with individuals and organizations with sliding scale opportunities,” Purcell says. “I also offer donation-based classes and collaborate with local organizations to ensure these skills are accessible.”

No matter where one is with mental health and well-being, there is always room for improvement and empowerment. 

“People who may be feeling anxious, overwhelmed, having difficulty focusing, or connecting with others, these practices can help,” Purcell says. “They are also good for people who have busy minds and busy lives because they can be integrated into daily life. The sound healing workshop can help people foster a deeper sense of relaxation and support deep, healing rest.” 

She also says her services work well for individual or group events such as wellness events for staff, friend, or family gatherings, wellness retreats, corporate retreats, moms groups, meetup groups, or stress management for organizations. 

“Many struggle with feeling disconnected, frustrated, and not like ‘your best self.’ No matter what you’ve experienced, there is hope and I welcome you to this journey toward feeling whole again,” Purcell says. “May you be safe, may you be peaceful, may you be kind to yourself, and may you live with ease and well-being.” 

Ground. Connect. Empower. will host a restorative crystal bowl sound healing workshop at terra sol sanctuary on May 14; two-hour online interactive CRM workshops coming up on April 30 and May 28 to learn and practice the wellness skills; and gentle yoga and crystal singing bowl sound healing classes at Wrightsville Beach will begin on May 25.

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