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Michealle Gady on helping businesses


A health law degree from Quinnipiac University School of Law in Connecticut and years of U.S. health law and policy experience led MICHEALLE GADY to create Atrómitos Consulting, an SBA-certified, woman-owned business.

“In health care, the only thing that is constant is change,” Gady says. “It’s the most complicated industry that has real and significant impact on people.”

Gady built a small team comprised of senior-level professionals, which means they can offer clients ideas built on years of experience.

“I speak lawyer and business and can help those two talk together,” she says. “Our team becomes your team,” Gady explains. “We’re not telling you what to do. We’re doing it with you.”

As an all virtual firm, they work with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations.

Atrómitos Consulting works in four practice areas: business strategy and innovation, marketing and communications, policy and research, and fund development.

“Organizations need a business plan. You have to have a plan for where you are going,” Gady says. “And nonprofits need to run like a business. It’s not just about producing a document at the end of the process, but really analyzing what your strategy is and the future of that strategy.”

Gady says Atrómitos Consulting offers innovative solutions to stakeholders. For example, when a client proposed a merger, her firm researched the idea and then proposed a different solution – a joint venture.

“We ask the question: Is that the best thing to do and are we doing it in the best way,” Gady says. “We helped them analyze the decision and establish the new company, then aided in strategic and business planning.”

Atrómitos Consulting also has a marketing and communications team, which helped develop a name, logo, tagline, and brand for the joint venture. And, with Gady’s legal experience, Atrómitos even helped with the trademarking process.

So, what should business owners do during this pandemic – and afterward?

“As scary as this is right now, don’t panic. Try to view this an opportunity,” Gady says. “If things are slowing down, you now have time to pay attention to what you didn’t before. What is your strategy? Where do you want your business to be in two years? Or do you want to go there now?”

Nonprofits still need to fundraise. Gady says it’s the time to think differently about how to do it. Most nonprofits host large events to fundraise. Now they are creating new ways.

“These methods will become the new normal and nonprofits will have more tools in the toolbox for future use,” Gady says.

Gady suggests businesses take the time to increase their digital presence – on the web and on social media.

“Your digital presence now is critical. It was before, but it really is now – and it won’t change.”

Lastly, Gady recommends asking for help – and accepting it.

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