Smart Designs for Small Kitchens

Markraft Cabinets has been a leader in the cabinet and countertop service industry since 1985. That’s three decades of seeing trends come and go, but one thing remains consistent: homeowners are still passionate about their kitchens.

Today, functionality is king regardless of size. In small kitchens such as galleys — basically just two walls with a center walkway — that you might find in condos and townhomes and even in trendy new tiny homes, designers like Melissa Marsh are finding smart new ways to make space and improve organization.

“With a smaller kitchen what people are asking for is maximizing counter space. Since the sink area dominates space, they usually don’t have anywhere to set anything up,” Melissa explained.

One popular new design solution for remodeling existing kitchens is to accessorize to increase functionality and the amount of space. This can range from installing new cabinetry with deep drawers and pull-out features like trays and trash cans which are otherwise out in the open.

In new builds, Melissa is seeing people purchasing panel-ready appliances like refrigerator door fronts that match surrounding cabinetry. The actual doors — made to look like wood cabinets — are added later to effectively hide the refrigerator.

Other new appliance trends helping kitchens do more include dual fuel ranges with a gas cooktop and electric oven and drawer microwaves, moving from over the stove to underneath. Additionally, Melissa sees this next year’s designs incorporating a lot more electronic technology integrated into cabinetry like charging stations, outlets inside of cabinets, lighting underneath and inside of cabinets, and appliances tied into smart phones telling people they are low on things like milk.

Color-wise, homeowners are being drawn to white cabinetry, in a lot of transitional style designs mixing traditional styles with simple lines. Grays are still popular, along with a coastal farmhouse kind of feel. In countertops, Markraft does the most of its work with man-made quartz in organic marble-looking patterns, along with granite.

Let Melissa Marsh and the other professional designers at Markraft share their expertise with you. The designers consult by appointment, but visitors are always welcome to browse the Markraft Design Center at 2705 Castle Creek Lane just off Castle Hayne Road.

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