Saving the environment and money for homeowners

Conscientious homeowners have numerous environmentally friendly options when it comes to choosing a contractor. Modern contractors are using sustainable building practices in an effort to reduce waste and environmental impact. These methods are highly efficient in addition to being eco-friendly. Flores and Foley, a Wilmington roofer, is a contractor that employs these types of green building methods.

Green building methods allow Flores and Foley to minimize environmental impact.  In an effort to reduce the waste, Flores and Foley recycles the shingles removed from a roof prior to installation. By partnering with a company that uses the shingle material to manufacture asphalt pavement, Flores and Foley minimizes the volume of waste that is produced. Furthermore, by recycling the shingles into asphalt pavement, Flores and Foley helps reduce environmental impact by decreasing the total consumption of first-use materials.

In addition to their recycling program, Flores and Foley’s roofing techniques are also environmentally friendly. Flores and Foley roofers consider environmental impact when determining the best course of action for fulfilling a contract. For instance, the North Carolina roofer recently completed a roof replacement for a long-standing Wilmington restaurant by installing a new roof upon of the structure of the old one. This method, like the recycling program, reduced the need for new materials, and diminished the volume of waste generated by the job.

In addition to minimizing waste, Flores and Foley’s roofs are ecologically friendly by design. Superior craftsmanship and quality materials make Flores and Foley roofs energy efficient and cost-effective, helping their customers save some ‘green’ on energy bills while being ‘green’ by reducing their ecological footprint.

Flores and Foley builds roofs to the highest standard of quality in efficiency while environmental impact. By using eco-friendly materials and methods, Flores and Foley is helping to make the world a greener place one roof at a time.