Restorative Tattoos Helping Survivors Move Forward

Hope is more than just a word for the 5,000 breast cancer survivors in North Carolina each year, and it’s something Jenean LaCorte thrives on. A cancer survivor of over 40 years, the para medical tattoo artist learned of the need for her craft from her sister-in-law, who had undergone a bilateral mastectomy.

Her cancer journey, desire to help others, and 20-years of experience as a professional artist excelling in color theory all came together as she launched Restorative Tattoos, a supportive resource for breast cancer survivors wanting to camouflage their scars or find a substitute for what was taken away.

Jenean specializes in 3D nipple and camouflage tattoos — the placement of pigment beneath the epidermis of the skin of the breast, and tattooing of the skin with flesh tone pigments to disguise a scar or damaged skin area. Her work helps survivors dealing with issues like mastectomies; vitiligo; burns; stretch marks; acne, injury, and surgery scars; and loss of pigment due to laser skin resurfacing or chemical peels.

Certified through Penn Medicine’s Sauler Institute and certified in HIPPA regulations and blood born pathogens, Jenean has created a reassuring space at Restorative Tattoos which is a cross between a doctors office and a spa: calming and relaxing, yet sterile and private.

“Women call me and we do a phone consult. Then we can either go straight into a procedure or they can come in for an in-person consult and tour of the facility, it all depends on where they are in the healing process,” she said.

If an individual is finished with treatment, a restorative tattoo session can be scheduled in as little as two weeks.

“It’s a fast and efficient procedure. If you come in and you need both nipples done that’s only two hours start to finish,” Jenean explained.

Each Restorative Tattoos client is unique, consulting with Jenean to go over any kinds of medications, when the surgery happened, what kind of surgery, and chemo history, as everything involved affects the skin differently. Jenean shows her clients examples, and begins matching ink (using pigments that are certified vegan and never tested on animals) and selecting colors for 3D nipples.

Clients experience little to no pain during the procedure, and can resume normal activities immediately outside of vigorous exercising, swimming or soaking.

Jenean can be reached at (910) 232-1117 or For more information (including before and after photos) and to read testimonials from some of Jenean’s clients, visit




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