Residents Treated To Chef John’s Take On Family Favorites

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For some of us, the New Year is all about erasing some of the calories from the annual holiday indulgences. The holidays are forever tied to images of cookies and cakes and candies and sugarplums. That’s not always a bad thing of course, and who doesn’t have a well-loved family memory of a cousin or aunt or uncle walking into a crowded holiday gathering carrying a favorite side dish or dessert? The marriage of smell and memory is always intriguing to think about, how an aroma wafting out of the kitchen can easily transport us to a time and place, more powerfully than a picture, song or story ever could.

Our residents love having the opportunity to share a family favorite that has been carefully refined, tested and proven over the generations.

That is why our yearly feast with Chef John Baldersen and Pastry Chef Jessica O’Mara reinventing and revitalizing some of our residents’ favorite family recipes has become such a popular affair. It is worth noting that the menu this year is not about holiday indulgence; sugar, broccoli casserole or sweet potato pie. Instead, it’s a fresh take, a healthy start. Reviewing the dishes described below, I am confident the menu will prove a meal can be delicious and healthy at the same time.

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The first stop in this four course journey begins with Mrs. Virginia Sherman’s Mushroom Soup, made with more than 30 pounds of mushrooms. What could be more heart-warming or decadent than mushroom soup in cold weather? The second course makes me think I could leave the cookies and cake behind forever. Those who are lucky enough to be in attendance will get to sample Mrs. May-Britt Bergstrom’s Health Salad, a combination of romaine lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, green onions, tofu and sunflower seeds, topped with a home-made dressing consisting of lemon, orange juices and tahini.

The main course is Salmon à la Ferguson, a contribution from Mrs. Elizabeth Ferguson, who credits the recipe for beating cancer.The meal is finished by Mrs. Dene McIntosh’s Simply Delicious Chocolate Pound Cake.

All of this creates a veritable smorgasbord of social interaction and an abundance of opportunities for social engagement, something that is well known to enrich people’s lives and foster a sense of community. It is worth noting that the preparation and enjoyment of food is a common denominator, something that unites people in ways that are difficult to describe.

Having a chance to sample a variety of fine cuisine from two highly trained professional chefs is one of the best things about working here and living here. The quality standards in place at the restaurant are simply unsurpassed, and the emphasis is on creating a farm-to-table experience. To keep things fresh and exciting, our residents are encouraged to share recipes and favorite foods from all over the world. Considering that many of them are very well-traveled, it has become a challenge and a hobby for them to find something new, exciting and adventurous for the chef to create.

Our restaurant is one of the many aspects of life at Plantation Village that set us apart from other Life Plan Communities. We invite you to take a private tour and experience the difference.

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