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Martha Marello rides wave to wellness

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After working as a registered nurse for thirteen years, MARTHA MARELLO decided to take her expertise to the “front end of wellness” and started Wavelength Wellness, providing holistic programs to improve physical health, as well as overall well-being.

At Wavelength Wellness, Marello offers individual and small group training, virtual wellness coaching, and CPR and First Aid training.

“I worked in-patient med-surge facilities, home hospice and in-patient hospice, ambulatory surgery centers, just lots of different kinds of nursing which gave me the opportunity to see people in different stages of life,” Marello explains. “Fitness is the front-end of preventative health care. I worked at the back end for a long time as nurse, but now, I am at the front end helping people move safely and efficiently to avoid injury or pain.”

Wavelength Wellness is the result of Marello’s dedication to health and wellness as well as to her family. Reconsidering what would make sense for herself and her family, Marello earned her personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), adding to her fitness credentials as a yoga teacher.

“I am also a mom, so in 2019, after trying all different things to make it work, working as a nurse and a parent was a lot for me; it was a challenge,” Marello says.  “I have been a yoga teacher for almost as long as I have been a nurse and I am on the side of the mind-body connections. I know how physical therapy and stress management can affect health.”

At Assertive Athletics and Fitness, Marello taught group fitness class and started seeing personal training clients until the gyms were forced to shut down for the pandemic, and Marello took her business online.

“I was still new to the industry, but it was a weird positive because I was able to see people virtually and it grew from there,” Marello describes. “A year later, I feel so lucky to have thrived through the pandemic and now I am solid in the industry.”

Marello went on to add other certifications to her repertoire including NASM nutrition coach and ACE group fitness instructor. She also holds credentials as a pain-free performance specialist, TRX suspension training instructor, indoor cycling, and SilverSneakers.

“Even though I am no longer practicing nursing, I still consider myself a health care professional and firmly believe that the future of healthcare is in preventive, holistic care,” Marello says.

At Wavelength Wellness, whether it be in a brick-and-mortar location which is a goal for the future or online, Marello is confident her proactive programs can help people find wellness in all aspects of their lives.

“Exercise has been shown to be beneficial for people with depression. Nutrition and exercise can improve the health of people with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol, and deep breathing techniques are a great method for helping to manage anxiety,” Marello explains. “All of these tools – nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness practices – are cheaper and more accessible than medications and hospitalizations.”

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