Proper Components of an Asphalt Roof

Each day, the roof over our home protects us from the elements and allows us to live in a comfortable climate-controlled environment. Our roof is a major component of our home and helps to keep our family safe– but thinking about roof maintenance, replacement, or repair isn’t something homeowners think about each day. The team at Patriot Roofing makes staying informed about roofing materials and advancements part of their daily routine. Because they are constantly keeping up with leading practices and products within the roofing industry, they are equipped to bring their knowledge directly to the clients they serve.

While types of roofing materials vary, asphalt is most commonly used when constructing a residential home. Asphalt roofs are versatile, come in a variety of color and designs, and are easy to repair. However, understanding the proper components of an asphalt roof are important to understand before making your next roof selection. Patriot Roofing is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor which means they offer the, Total Protection Roofing System® and that they follow strict standards and guidelines of reliability and professionalism. The Total Protection Roofing System® offers the gold standard of roofing material quality and construction.

The first step in the system is to SEAL your roof. Sealing the roof means to create a water-proof barrier that will prevent any water from making its way through your roof. Wind driven rain and collection points where normal amounts of water can accumulate, like vents, chimneys, and skylights, are considered when creating a customized seal for your roof. Not only does a proper seal on your roof effectively block active water leaks, it prevents against rot and mold from accumulating.

The second step in the system is to DEFEND your roof. Asphalt shingles make up this next step and are your roof’s first line of defense when keeping nature and weather outside of your home. Your roof’s shingles repel water and the strong adhesion that Owens Corning products offer help to avoid shingle loss during high winds. This sturdy layer of resilient shingles works hard to protect your home but can also be customized to coordinate with your existing home design – which means the durability can also look beautiful!

The last step in the system is to BREATHE. Yes, you read that right – our homes also need to breathe in order to function properly. Heat and moisture buildup can lead to roof deterioration and mold. When air is allowed to flow through your home’s attic, these issues are greatly reduced. Installing things like, intake and exhaust ventilation let air move through the attic which naturally manages the temperature and moisture of the materials.

When planning for a roof repair or replacement, contact the professionals at Patriot Roofing first. They’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate and their experienced staff can help answer any questions you might have.

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