Powder Room ‘Wow’ Factor


One trend that is taking off is bathroom vanities that look like furniture. It can give a guest bathroom or powder room some extra style.

“It gives a different look for the bathroom rather than your standard cabinet,” said Cee Edwards, president of Markraft Cabinets. “I think people like it because it’s not your typical vanity.”

If you want your guest bathroom to stand out from your neighbors, consider the three types of vanities on display at Markraft Cabinet’s Selection Center located at 5424 Oleander Drive.

One type is traditional and looks like a piece of furniture with four legs that run from the countertop to the floor beneath the sink. A panel of drawers can run across the front and below them is an open space that can be used decoratively or for storage.

The second type is an in-between vanity that looks less like furniture, but has pedestal legs or furniture feet.

The third type is a wall-hung vanity where the sink and mirror are mounted to the wall without any legs or base. For this type, the wall must be able to support the weight of the installation.

Between these three types of vanities, there are a variety of looks from traditional to modern that can be achieved. For example, one modern design includes a contemporary slab door that sits on four stainless steel legs.

Prices vary based on the door styles and finish. The most common countertops are stone including granite, quartz or marble, Edwards said. It takes one day to install this new addition to a home.

A plumber may need to adjust the spigot if a homeowner is having a vessel bowl, which is a sink that sits on top of the counter, installed. Markraft can refer customers to plumbers and coordinate the process.

Edwards said several customers are downsizing the footprint of their home, but investing in higher-end amenities such as the vanities that look like furniture.

“We’re getting some empty nesters who are downsizing the home, but want something nice,” he said. “They want when people go into the guest bathroom or powder room, for it to look different.”

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