Plantation Village Launches WWII Book to Honor Veterans

Those of us who work here at Plantation Village are always cognizant and appreciative of the role our residents have played in making our society what it is today. To put it simply, we understand how fortunate we are to have so many representatives from the “Greatest Generation” here on our beautiful 56-acre campus.

Born from around 1910 to 1924, the members of the “Greatest Generation” exemplify the values that many of us strive for today: personal responsibility; humility; faith and commitment; prudence; saving; and a great work ethic. The men who were in World War II were raised during the Great Depression, fought because it was the right thing to do, and brought home victory in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds.  

In short, they are legendary, but the achievements of the women supporting them and the war effort were also monumental. Their selflessness, caring, and ability to step up and take charge in a crisis is nothing short of inspirational, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it, especially in a venue like WILMA.  

But I digress….

The book is very exciting for us. It is an exclusive compilation of firsthand accounts and photos from our veterans who took part in WWII, with no filter to get between the message and the reader. History books can teach us facts and figures, dates, strategic battles, and political intrigue, but the real-life accounts, pictures, and personal experiences of our veterans can create a sense of time and place, transporting us into their world and allowing us to see things from their unique perspectives.

With so many veterans here at Plantation Village, we felt it was a responsibility to publish the book, which we announced at our annual Veterans Day Celebration on Nov. 9 on the USS North Carolina. Publication and shipment are due for Memorial Day 2019, and we are currently accepting pre-orders of the book, something we feel is a terrific opportunity for any reader with an interest in history or a belief in the value of personal testimonials to add richness and flavor to descriptions of events with historical and cultural significance.

As if that were not enough to establish an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm for our book describing the exploits of our veterans who fought bravely in WWII, the book is being edited, written, and compiled by none other than Kevin Maurer. Kevin is a journalist and the best-selling writer of No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden. Kevin covered the military for more than 10 years, including a lot of time embedded with soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This book and our annual event on the Battleship showcasing and honoring the achievements of our veterans are just small indications of the variety of programs and services we provide for our residents here at Plantation Village. Having status as a nonprofit allows us to consistently re-invest our earnings into the community, ensuring our residents experience a wonderful quality of life.   

For more information about this rare glimpse into the life of our WWII veterans – or to find out more about Plantation Village and the people that make our community a great place to live – visit us on the web at Like us on Facebook by visiting 

Becky Grogan is Marketing Coordinator at Plantation Village, a nonprofit continuing care retirement community that offers independent living on a 56-acre campus in Porters Neck, minutes from downtown Wilmington and area beaches. Residents enjoy first-class services in a wide variety of home styles, from one- and two-bedroom apartments to cottage homes and two-bedroom villas. Plantation Village is managed by Life Care Services™, the nation’s third-largest elder care management company.

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