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Physical therapist adresses pelvic health


AMANDA KNAUFF, owner of Pender Pelvic Health and Therapy Services, knows how consistently nagging and debilitating pelvic issues can be.

“As a mother of two children, I understand the hardship that labor and delivery has on the body,” says Knauff. “I quickly became certified in pelvic health not only because treatment worked for me, but because there are so many women out there suffering in silence. Treatment really can prevent, reduce, and eliminate symptoms related to pelvic floor dysfunction.”

She earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Rhode Island in 2010 and began working at a Lymphedema and Pelvic Rehab Center in 2013. Knauff has been interested in healthcare since an early age after her own healthcare struggles.

“No matter what healthcare setting I have worked in, I have always been passionate about helping my patients manage their condition in a positive way,” says Knauff. “I realized the importance of physical therapy in the recovery process of multiple issues I had growing up. As a patient and now, a provider, I know the difference between high-quality and mediocre healthcare. I wanted the best, and now, I offer my best.”

She describes opening Pender Pelvic Health and Therapy, at 16747 Highway 17, Suite 106 in Hampstead, as joyfully overwhelming.

“It was never a dream of mine to own a physical therapy practice, but after my family and I moved to Hampstead, I was hit hard as to how limited residents’ healthcare options are here,” says Kanuff. “This certainly lit a spark to motivate me. I can’t say enough about the support I received from networking groups, UNCW Alumni connections, and the WILMA Leadership programs which all helped me navigate the business side of things.”

One of Kanuff’s greatest strengths is her ability to connect with her patients and ease their concerns by talking about their pelvic issues.

“Typically, individuals shy away from talking about their symptoms with their providers due to embarrassment or being told ‘it’s normal,’” says Knauff. “I invite them to reach out to us to ask all the questions; believe me, we’ve heard it all.”

Her firm specializes in pelvic health for men, women, and children. She those with pelvic pain, urinary leakage, pelvic organ prolapse, low back pain, or difficulty returning to exercise after having a baby would benefit from seeing one of her physical therapists.

The office also treats orthopedic conditions, lymphedema, and Parkinson’s Disease as well as offers yoga classes for all abilities.

“I believe someone would be a good candidate for physical therapy that is motivated to get well with a holistic approach,” she says. “We are all born with a pelvic floor and, at times, may have issues in this area of our bodies which we are well qualified to treat.”

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