October Spotlight

Area women making news


LS3P named ELAINE GALLAGHER ADAMS the architecture firm’s first sustainability director.

Gallagher Adams’ experience includes work as an architect, professor, sustainability consultant, historic preservation specialist, conference speaker, and contributor to national sustainability guidelines, according to the company.

“Sustainable design principles are foundational to our practice,” says Katherine Peele, executive vice president for practice. “Elaine’s leadership in this area will raise the bar for our buildings, providing substantial benefits to our clients and their communities.”

Gallagher Adams, a professor of architecture, urban design, preservation design, and sustainability at SCAD, recently served as a high-performance buildings consultant on the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., and as a senior consultant, architect, and senior project manager at Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado.



FRIENDS OF FORT FISHER named CHRISTINE DIVOKY as its new executive director.

Divoky succeeded Paul Laird, the organization’s founding executive director, who retired in June. She has been involved with the local nonprofit community since 2009.

Friends of Fort Fisher is a nonprofit organization supporting Fort Fisher State Historic Site, located in Kure Beach.

Divoky most recently served as Historic Wilmington Foundation’s special events and marketing director.

Divoky’s passion to preserve and share the stories of Fort Fisher, combined with her nonprofit experience, made her “an excellent choice for Friends of Fort Fisher leadership,” John Coble, chairman of Fort Fisher’s board of directors, said in a news release.

“Fort Fisher, with its Civil War and WWII history, is the story of our grandfathers, our great-grandfathers, and our great, great grandfathers – and mothers, too,” Divoky says. “It’s who we are. These stories are too important to lose to time. We need to remember and respect these stories. We need to know our history to know who we are today.”



Three new members were elected to the board of directors for Friends of Public Radio Inc.

They were elected during WHQR’s annual meeting in the summer.

They were: Christopher Fikry, executive vice president of Pharmaceutical Product Development Laboratories; Nicolas Montoya, general manager of the Blockade Runner Beach Resort; and KRISTINE MOORE (above), a retired oil and gas industry executive.

Moore, who spent more than three decades working in the oil and gas, professional services, and information technology sectors, moved to Hampstead in 2016. She has spent the past forty-five years, however, visiting the Wilmington and Topsail areas.

She worked for IBM for seventeen years before starting an internet company that provided services to the oil and gas industry. Moore later worked for Royal Dutch Shell and was a non-executive director for Achilles Ltd.

The new board members joined Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams, Jeff Barnes (chair), Kathleen Berkeley (vice chair), Wiley Cash, Brenda Esch, Stephen Fortlouis (treasurer), Doc Jarden, Jon McLamb, Geneva Reid, Fran Scarlett, JC Smith, Robert Waxman (secretary), and Rob Zapple.

Friends of Public Radio, which holds the FCC license for WHQR, oversees the station's mission and adopts its annual budget.

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