New Cremation Garden Now Complete

It is a pleasure to announce the new cremation garden at Oleander Memorial Gardens is finally complete, as the finished product is the result of many long hours of effort, time, and planning. Located at the end of Greenville Sound Road, the new section of the gardens includes approximately 2,089 square feet and 96 new cremation spaces. 

With extensive, professional landscaping, the new section has a peaceful atmosphere. Cooling breezes and the familiar smell of the ocean waft in from Bradley Creek, located nearby. This creates the perfect environment for contemplating the life of a loved one; a setting in which favorite memories can easily flow into the consciousness.   

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood behind the New Hanover County Arboretum, the gardens can sometimes feel as if they are located far outside of town. In actuality, however, the gardens are in a convenient location that is easily accessible from almost every neighborhood in Wilmington.

This will likely make it a popular choice for those who are focused on pre-planning their funeral arrangements. Of course, pre-planning funeral arrangements or a celebration of life might not be a favorite thing to do for anyone. The importance of pre-planning cannot be understated, however.

Pre-planning funeral arrangements is an effective way to ensure your final wishes will be met, and there is no need for an immediate payment. Basically, it is just a means of ensuring your loved ones have a clear understanding of your wishes and preferences.

This is not to downplay the fact that pre-funding a funeral is a good idea. Aside from ensuring that your family will not have to face the simultaneous burden of grief and financial costs, funding arrangements now creates an opportunity to lock in current prices, which may rise in the future. Those who are unsure of whether they will stay in Wilmington have no need to worry about losing their pre-budgeted funds, because with Dignity, the plan moves with you if you move over 75 miles away, to one of the more than 2,000 locations in our network.   

A discussion of pre-planning and the new cremation gardens is incomplete without a mention of the advantage of cremation. With a cremation, a funeral service could be planned weeks or even months after a loved one has passed away. Compared to a traditional burial, cremation offers a high degree of flexibility. In addition to avoiding the rush and stress of planning for a funeral in a short amount of time, this aspect of a cremation can allow for ample time for organization. 

Our focus at Coble Funeral and Cremation Services at Greenlawn Memorial Park is to help you decide which service is the perfect fit for your individual preferences. One of the most important things is that, with advanced planning, everything can be completely up to you. To speak with someone about a cremation ceremony or celebration of life, call 910-799-1686 or visit 

Michael Higgins is Sales Manager for Dignity Memorial®, which cares for more than 300,000 families each year through its network of more than 2,000 providers throughout North America. Learn more at or call Greenlawn Memorial Park, Oleander Memorial Gardens and Coble Funeral and Cremation Services at Greenlawn Memorial Park, 910.799.1686.

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