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Being healthy is no longer focused on how much you sweat at the gym; our fitness routines can incorporate anything from yoga to a morning coffee meditation to brunch with good friends.

Enter the athleisure trend: acing the runway for several seasons now and empowering our closets to say yes to flair, but no to fuss. These easygoing garments are made to mix the posh with the sporty using lightweight, breathable fabrics and lines that keep in step with ready-to-wear trends.

And, just like RTW, activewear no longer has to scream bright colors. You can effortlessly find neutrals that complement the rest of your wardrobe, even in the footwear aisle.

Bonus point – you finally get to wear your favorite kicks somewhere outside of running errands.


Pink ruffled BODYSUIT, available at Hallelu; multicolored TENNIS SKIRT by Fila, available at Tennis With Love; VISOR by La Double 7, available at Nordstrom; and pink SNEAKERS, available at H&M

On Sydney, left: VISOR by Jane & Berry, available at Nordstrom; WRISTBAND by Wilson, available at Tennis With Love; and top and skirt (stylist’s own)

On Kalabria, right: White athletic tank, available at Hallelu; black-and-white vintage leather SKIRT, available at The Wonder Shop; and white SNEAKERS, available at H&M

On Sydney, right: Blue-and-white striped SWEATER by St. John, available at The Wonder Shop; white BLOUSE available at Très Bleu Boutique; and white TENNIS SKIRT by Fila and HEADBAND by Wilson, both available at Tennis with Love.

On Kalabria, left: Red SWEATER, available at H&M; navy blue TENNIS SKIRT by Fila, HEADBAND by Wilson, and WRISTBANDS by Wilson, all available at Tennis With Love


MODEL: Kalabria Gilbert and Sydney Perez (Directions USA)

HAIR: Ramsey Tobey (Beauty Bar Boutique)

MAKE UP: Maari Kolk (Beauty Bar Boutique)

STYLE ASSISTANTS: Gabrielle Drake & Tyler Moore

WARDROBE: HalleluMonkee’s of WilmingtonThe Wonder Shop, Tres Bleu Boutique

LOCATIONS: Cape Fear Country Club, 1518 Country Club Road


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