Movie Magic

Fashion experts and designers reimagine their favorite Port City scenes

Film producers and directors have been coming to WIlmington since the 1980s to realize their vision. From David Lynch's Blue Velvet to Marvel's Iron Man 3, the Port City has lent its unique charisma to cinema. Inspired by it's filmic legacy, siz style artists give their take on some of Wilmington's most memorable moments.


Click here to see Idlewild reimagined by Brandy Alexander
Click here to see Eastbound & Down reimagined by Miriam O Jewelry
Click here to see Empire Records reimagined by Paula Lemme
Click here to see Iron Man 3 reimagined by The Wonder Shop
Click here to see Dream a Little Dream reimagined by Lesley Tamaev
Click here to see Blue Velvet reimagined by Jamie Warzel