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Enter the Mod revolution
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Picture it: the 1960s, London. The blue notes of John Coltrane are giving way to beats from The Jam, and the economy is booming again. Young people have more pocket cash than ever and are swarming to Carnaby Street to spend, spend, spend. Are they interested in the sedate stylings of the ’50s? Not a chance. They’re looking for ways to express themselves, finding a new voice in geometric patterns, bright hues, and color-blocked frocks. Enter the Mod revolution.

Miniskirts and go-go boots prevailed, and fashion wasn’t exclusively for the wealthy anymore. Lords and ladies were seen wearing the same threads as the working class; influencers were no longer the big couture houses but this vibrant youth culture, who in turn were inspired by new frontiers in music and art.

Today, not only is the Mod era making a comeback on the racks, but also in mindset. Confidence and self-expression are the cornerstones of today’s style, paired with an “anything goes” attitude. Just like the independent shops of King’s Road, small boutiques and Etsy stores have overtaken the traditional malls as the place to shop, offering a plethora of fashion gems poised to help you make your own statement. It’s still a mod, mod world.

1960s emerald green satin MAXI DRESS, floral RAINCOAT, gold hoop EARRINGS, and gold starburst NECKLACE, all available at Jess James + Co.; SUNGLASSES (stylist’s own)

1960s pink DRESS with Peter Pan collar, available at Jess James + Co.; SUNGLASSES (stylist’s own)  

1960s pink and silver brocade MAXI DRESS, available at Jess James + Co.’ champagne EARRINGS, available at Monkee’s of Wilmington  

1960s Go-Go WEDDING DRESS, vintage EARRINGS, and orange BAG, all available at Jess James + Co.; gold HEELS, available at Monkee’s of Wilmington  

MODEL: Rachael Mott

HAIR : SET Blowout Bar

MAKEUP: Robin Siegel for Carter Kayte Beauty Atelier

WARDROBE: Jess James + Co.; Monkee’s of Wilmington

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