Media Room Additions And Remodels

Oftentimes when we think of cabinets, we picture our kitchen and bathroom areas. However, media rooms are a great place to add custom cabinets to add style and organization. If you are planning on adding a media room to your home, or remodeling an existing space into a media room, here are a few inspiring ideas to help you get going with planning your design.

Create A Custom Media Center

Custom millwork can be added around your television to house audio-visual accessories and speakers. Additionally, media room cabinets create the perfect space to store odds and ends out of sight. Creating organized cubbies within cabinets for remotes, game controllers, DVDs, and books serve as a wonderful way to stay organized while keeping everything conveniently located. Shelving space under and around your television can be open, closed, or a combination of both, depending on the style your design plan conveys. As an added bonus, lighting can be added underneath or above cabinets to create the perfect movie night atmosphere.

Keep The TV Out Of Sight 

Televisions aren’t as bulky as they were in the old days, which makes them easier to integrate into your media room design plan – even including an option to keep them totally out of sight until needed. Creating a recessed nook for a television is fairly simple, and with the addition of sliding or bifold style doors, your television screen can be tucked away while it’s not in use. Concealing your tv when it’s not being used can completely change the look and feel of your media room. A trendy sliding barn door-style cabinet is perfect if your design plan follows the rustic farmhouse style or bifold doors that match cabinetry around your television could be added for a more traditional design. 

Consider Adding A Wet Bar

Depending on how you envision using your new space, you might want to incorporate a wet bar. If you plan to use your space for small gatherings or just want to binge watch your favorite television series, having a wet bar handy is a huge convenience. Custom cabinets and countertops are just the start of your media room wet bar design. Sinks, wine refrigerators, racks, ice makers, custom glass holders, and beer taps are all things that can be added to your design plan. Having food and beverages handy can make watching the big game or having a cozy night in a whole new experience in convenience! 

When considering the possibilities of your media room, contact the professionals at Markraft today. They are excited to have the opportunity to help create a design plan that meets your needs and talk with you about how to start your addition or renovation. 

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