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More time spent at home has shed some light on changes that need to be made for many people. Some have tackled renovations, some have redecorated tired spaces, some have added pools and outdoor entertaining spaces and others have simply realized they need to clean out all the clutter that has accumulated over the years. SARAH FRIESEMA is the founder of Fresh Home Organizing, and she knows how to make any space functional.

“The pandemic gave us all a very different sense of what home really is,” says Friesema. “It stopped being a transitionary place on the way from here to there. When the world turned upside down, home was our place of safety and normalcy. I think many of us came away with a greater appreciation for the peace that only home can provide and a desire to bring each area of our home up to its full potential.”

Friesema’s career started as a copywriter for luxury retail brands which led to a position as a project manager after her talents for organization and efficiency were well received.

“I loved the work I was doing but really craved a slower pace and more family-centered lifestyle; something I couldn’t find while working in NYC,” Friesema says. “My family found just what we needed when we relocated to North Carolina in 2015. It may seem like a huge change in career trajectory, but really, I just shifted my focus from corporate organizing to family organizing. It felt like a natural transition.”

Friesema founded Fresh Organizing in 2018 and has been helping others get organized ever since. She offers hands-on organizing for different areas and activities in homes, such as designing storage solutions for pantries and closets.

“After getting a solid understanding of my client’s needs, I come armed with everything I need to help them achieve their own organizational nirvana,” Friesema says. “Clients can be involved as little or as much as they’d like. I don’t do one-size-fits-all, and I don’t just throw bins at the problem.”

Friesema says her goal is to create systems that are easy to maintain and that meet the style, budget, and lifestyle needs of each client.

“Organization isn’t a one-and-done service. It’s a skill that can be learned and a never-ending process, so I like to leave my client’s empowered to keep it up on their own,” Friesema says.

While it may seem like a costly endeavor, Friesema makes it easy for those of every budget size to afford assistance. For those clients who feel like they can handle a project on their own but need some guidance, she also offers a DIY package where she provides a detailed shopping list, step-by-step instructions, and email support throughout the project.

“This has become my favorite service because I love seeing my clients develop skills they didn’t think they could. I almost always get follow-up pictures of other spaces they’ve been able to tackle with newfound confidence,” she says.

While organization is absolutely a skill and not one every person possesses, Friesema shared some tips for those looking to get started:

1.Be ruthless. If you don’t use it or absolutely love it – get rid of it. Except for tax documents – keep those. And don’t feel bad about getting rid of things. Recycle and donate where you can, but be resolute in not bringing clutter back into your home.

2.Start small. Don’t get overwhelmed by the thought of organizing your entire house. Start with a drawer. It’ll take you five minutes. Then tomorrow, do another one. Before you know it, you’ll be organizing other people’s linen closets on their 4th of July party.

3. Don’t stop. Clutter is a relentless beast, especially if you have children. But, just keep after it, a little each day. And, if you completely fall off the wagon and end up back at square one? No worries. See tip #2 – or call me.

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