Make Family Togetherness Last Forever

“Women’s natural role is to be a pillar of the family.” – Grace Kelly

Those words from the legendary star and style icon may have been spoken long ago, but even in this era of the modern do-it all working mom, the simple statement still rings so very true.

Because let’s face it – whether she is an on-the-go high-powered professional or an equally busy homemaker – a mother is the glue, the rock, the instinctive gatherer who keeps her loved ones near, protects them and brings them peace.

And, if you could, you’d stand like stone – strong and eternal – to provide that comfort and shelter forever.

You can.

Dignity Memorial’s newly unveiled Airlie Estate Gardens offers that opportunity to be with your loved ones for eternity.

Nestled near the entrance of the peaceful path that winds through Oleander Memorial Gardens, this new addition features beautiful and lasting spaces for individuals, spouses, and families that opt for cremation but understand the importance of a designated monument.

From the striking and intricately carved marble family mausoleums surrounded by lush landscaping and overlooking a charming pond to lovely benches that hold four urns and touching two-person tributes to soul mates and spouses, Airlie Estate Gardens offers an aesthetically pleasing place for reflection that your friends and family can visit for many decades to come.

And with a little preplanning through Dignity’s compassionate and expert staff, it means you remain the pillar of your family, in this life and the next.

See for yourself all the natural beauty, family togetherness, and quiet gathering places Airlie Estate Gardens has to offer by visiting Oleander Memorial Gardens, 306 Bradley Drive, or calling Dignity at (910) 799-1686.

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