Mad About Mod

Gettin' Twiggy with it

Summer is in full swing – Swinging Sixties that is. As micro-minis and platforms make yet another comeback, the op art-inspired prints of the mid-to-late ’60s also get their turn on the wheel of fashion.

Breaking loose from the prim-and-proper vibe of the ’50s, the rise of ’60s Mod culture went hand-in-hand with the women’s movement, encouraging women to redefine their place in society. And fashion played a starring role: Skirts got shorter, prints got louder, and women got bolder.

Flash-forward to modern day where these same vibrant patterns – ranging from checkerboard to retro florals to trippy geometrics – certainly live up to their statement-making origins. And that is truly groovy, baby.

Style Collage 1

Black and white checkered DRESS, white cropped JACKET, teal SUNGLASSES, and Maya EARRINGS, all available at Modern Legend

Wilma Aug Dreweandkate 2022 63 Copy

Groovy MINI DRESS and pink SUNGLASSES, both available at Modern Legend

Style Collage2

Floral baby doll DRESS, Barrymore NECKLACE, and Baby Parabola EARRINGS, all available at Modern Legend

MODELS: Grace Harrington (UC Models)

MAKEUP: Lisa Prather Beauty

WARDROBE + LOCATION: Modern Legend, 130 North Front Street, Suite 102

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