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Paradigm Performance on importance of prevention


COLLEEN AND SEAN ROLLO want to change how people use physical therapy in their lives. Their new practice, Paradigm Performance Therapy, is meant to do just that.

“We chose the name because we want to provide a paradigm shift for how people view physical therapy and how they view their health and the resources they have available to them,” Colleen Rollo explains.

Colleen and her husband Sean have been in Wilmington since they relocated to North Carolina from Massachusetts six years ago, but their work took them in opposite directions. Colleen Rollo worked in Southport and Sean Rollo continues to work as the head physical therapist for MARSOC, the U.S. Marine Forces Special Operations Command.

Together they decided to open their own practice in order to bypass much of the “red tape” they have experienced working in traditional physical therapy settings.  Colleen Rollo is currently working at Paradigm full-time, and Sean Rollo is part-time while he still works at Camp Lejeune.

“It’s been life-changing in every way, shape, and form,” Colleen Rollo shares. “It’s fun to start building roots in Wilmington and becoming more involved in the community.”

The Rollos hope to establish themselves within the Wilmington community, hoping one day to have created relationships with sports programs at area colleges and high schools while creating a shift in how people use physical therapy in their lives.

“We want to work with people who want to live and go through life in a pain-free way,” Colleen Rollo says. “Our healthcare system is often reactive, and we want to change the way people view physical therapy before it becomes a full-blown injury.”

With insurance deductibles increasing and reimbursements decreasing, the Rollos want to work “directly for our patients” by providing wellness care to “get them where they want to be.”

The Rollos use a structured three-step process for their patients that includes finding out the root of the issues, providing exercises and treatments for the issues, and educating in order to prevent further issues.

“We want people to view health insurance like car insurance. You use it in case of an emergency, but insurance does not pay for the oil changes and tire rotations; you cannot use it for regular maintenance,” Sean Rollo explains. “It is up to people to make sure they are operating well and physical therapy plays an important role in doing that.”

At Paradigm Performance Therapy, the Rollos want to help patients to reach their individual goals and “help them achieve their goals without insurance dictating what they can and cannot do.”

“Our target audience is anyone who is motivated and who wants to put the time and the effort into their bodies,” Sean Rollo says.

Serving a variety of clientele, from geriatrics to performance athletes, the Rollos say they are committed to providing “top-notch care while being transparent, open, and honest.”

“We are in it for the long run. If you are committed to your health, we want to help you with maintenance and prevention through consistency in exercise and mobility,” Colleen Rollo says.

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