Leadership Giving at Cape Fear Literacy Council: The Literacy Trust

Each year, friends and supporters of Cape Fear Literacy Council provide flexible resources that help sustain CFLC’s programs and legacy of service. Those at the forefront of these vital efforts are members of our leadership giving program, the Literacy Trust, recognizing donors who commit to contributing $500$1,000, or $2,500 annually for five consecutive years. This leadership-level giving allows our programs to reach more adults who want to improve critical literacy skills.

Leadership giving is a philanthropic donation made by individuals or families who want to contribute significantly to a nonprofit organization. These gifts are typically larger than annual donations and include grants and endowments. These programs usually offer unique benefits to members, such as recognition, event invitations, or opportunities to participate in decision-making.

Donors who give at elevated levels are essential to nonprofit organizations for many reasons:

  • They provide much-needed funds. Many nonprofit organizations rely on a small number of patrons to contribute meaningfully to their annual operating revenue. Those who bestow major gifts help guarantee a steady stream of income, ensuring the vitality and success of the programs they care about.
  • They help to raise the profile of a nonprofit organization. When high-profile individuals or families make a sizeable gift, it can help to attract attention to the organization and its work and lend to its trustworthiness. As a result, this may lead to increased awareness of an organization’s mission and support from other donors.
  • They inspire others to give. When people see others making considerable contributions to nonprofits, they are more likely to be motivated to donate themselves. This ripple effect serves the entire nonprofit sector.

In addition to the financial advantages, leadership-level supporters can offer nonprofits valuable insights and expertise, helping shape the organization’s vision and goals and offering strategic planning and fundraising guidance.

At Cape Fear Literacy Council, we are honored by the dedication and generosity of our Literacy Trust members. By providing the resources our students need to succeed, adult learners are empowered to achieve their goals. To join the Literacy Trust or to learn more, visit our website.

How does Cape Fear Literacy Council support adults? We offer FREE assessment and tailored instruction to adults through one-on-one tutoring and small classes through our Adult Literacy and English as a Second Language (ESL) education programs, including reading, writing, English conversation, math, test preparation, U.S. Citizenship, and digital literacy. Each year we serve hundreds of adults of all ages (18 and older) who come to us with unique and inspiring stories about life, determination, and the goals they want to achieve.

The Cape Fear Literacy Council is an award-winning 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1985. Our vision is a community where all adults have the literacy and language skills to succeed. Learn more: cfliteracy.org.

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