Lane Heads Up Wellness Coalition

March Spotlight

LEIGH LANE was named the Brunswick Wellness Coalition’s new executive director.

Lane, holds a doctorate in health administration and has more than twenty years of experience in leadership, capacity building, and health promotion in various health care settings.

She most recently served as an associate director at UNCW’s student health center, overseeing Health Promotion, Crossroads, which focuses on substance abuse prevention and education, and the Collegiate Recovery Community.

Lane has also held service positions with organizations such as the North Carolina Society for Public Health Education and the Southern College Health Association.

The mission of Brunswick Wellness Coalition is to “improve the health of our community with the vision of becoming the healthiest county” in the state.

The organization recently was picked to continue participation in the Duke Endowment’s Healthy People Healthy Carolinas initiative, receiving a $450,000 grant to help improve health in Brunswick County over the next three years.

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