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Evoke Wellness blends therapy and yoga

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The desire to help others is an admirable quality and one which MINDY CARLSON has in spades. The founder of Evoke Wellness specializes in therapy services to help with anxiety, women’s issues, child therapy, family conflict, couples counseling, and life transitions. The firm also recently started offering yoga classes.

Mindy’s decision to open Evoke Wellness was a natural progression that stemmed from a lifelong love of therapy.

“I knew that I wanted to be a therapist from a young age, but as it happens sometimes, I took a few detours along the way,” says Carlson. “When I went to school for social work, it was honestly not a master plan kind of decision. I was volunteering in several organizations at the time and decided I wanted to kick it up a notch, so to speak. It was at that time that my childhood dream of getting to help people in this way was reignited, and I found myself on the path that I believe is my purpose.”

She says she was worn many hats in her career, including working in community mental health, foster care, in-home/community-based services, group private practice, and individual private practice, all of which have led her to Evoke.

“Before that, I volunteered like crazy and had various jobs in customer service and management. I’ve learned a lot about grace, self-care, and humanness by going through ups and downs, ultimately making me very grateful for the life I have and determined to support others in this way,” Carlson says.

All of her experiences have allowed her to really get to know what is most helpful to others with varying stories to tell.

“I work with lots of people from different walks of life and in various situations, but I love supporting women through life’s challenges including identity and healing, people experiencing family conflict and complex relationships, and those who have someone they care about battling addiction,” says Carlson.

The team aspect of opening Evoke Wellness was especially appealing to Carlson who says that when she was a solo practitioner, she found herself having to turn people away when they reached out for therapy because she did not have space to accept new clients.

“One day, I was praying on my way to work and reflecting on ways that I could support this community with the resources that were available to me. It just so happened that a ‘Space for Lease’ sign was being installed outside of the building that my office was in, and I felt compelled to inquire about the empty space,” she says. “The rest was simply taking one step of faith after another, and here we are today.”

The team of professionals Carlson has brought together collaborate in whichever way is best for each client.

“While we are a young-ish company, we are well-seasoned in the work we do and in life experiences,” says Carlson. “Our therapists and yoga instructors are some of the most amazing humans I know.”

She says one of the firm’s main goals is for clients to feel emboldened and empowered to live a life that they want, but also enjoy the ride.

“We also aren’t afraid of laughter around here; we believe that therapy can be challenging and fun at the same time. We pride ourselves on having an environment where creativity and ideas are seriously welcome.”

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