Improving Resale Value with These Easy Renovations

Between the busy real estate market and many of us still using our homes heavily for work, school, and everything in between, home renovation activity is steadily on the rise. But which improvements will increase your home’s value? Consider placing your focus on the kitchen and bathrooms when planning your next renovation.

You’ll receive the most bang for your buck by focusing on a kitchen renovation. Chances are that if you haven’t recently renovated your kitchen, you’d like to. Whether it’s a minor or major kitchen remodel, creating a design plan depends on what should be upgraded in your kitchen to reflect today’s current style and the need for functionality. Also consider arranging your new kitchen cabinets to provide more storage and floor space. Choosing a granite or quartz countertop is considered the supreme choice for a kitchen because the material is long lasting and stain resistant. Adding a complementary backsplash and hardware to your new cabinets are the finishing touches that will bring your entire renovation together. 

The next most important room to keep updated is the bathroom. When presented with an updated bathroom or an outdated one, potential home buyers will almost certainly choose the home with the renovated bathroom. Investing in bathroom cabinetry that is durable, updated, and offers ample storage space is a wise investment that will maximize your return. Because bathroom countertops don’t have the heavy usage that kitchen countertops do, a marble countertop is a good choice. Incorporating the beauty of marble into your home is a timeless design choice and will give your bathroom the upgraded feeling that you’re seeking to achieve with a renovation.

Most older homes were built with only one bathroom. If this is your situation, and your home has two bedrooms or more, adding an additional bathroom is something to consider. Potential homebuyers looking for homes with two or more bedrooms will expect more than one functional bathroom, which makes a bathroom remodel or addition an investment you will almost entirely recuperate if you decide to sell. A bathroom addition lends the flexibility to your design plan to create a space entirely from scratch that fits your needs and flows with the rest of your home’s layout.

Whether you are planning to sell or just want to renovate your existing space to fit your changing lifestyle, investing in your kitchen and bathrooms is the best place to start. The team at Markraft is excited to have the opportunity to work with you and start creating a design plan that best fits your needs.

President and General Manager Cee Edwards and his team of talented designers invites you to visit Markraft’s Design Studio, 2705 Castle Creek Lane, just off Castle Hayne Road. Markraft’s professional kitchen and bath designers consult by appointment.

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