Hollywood Holiday

Vintage vibes

If your closet is looking for a coastal makeover for the holidays, put away that old LBD and bask in the retro-cool that is late ’50s/early ’60s Palm Springs.

A haven for arts, celebrities, and soirées, Palm Springs-inspired attire isn’t all buttoned up mid-century silhouettes but instead amps up its sensual side. Taking cues from pinups a la Bettie Page with a dash of classic Hollywood starlets such as Bette Davis and Brigitte Bardot, the style exudes a carefree elegance – something any holiday wardrobe can use.

For a fresh color story, tweak those muted vintage palettes of the ’50s and turn up the saturation to incorporate brighter hues like cobalt, chartreuse, and fuchsia, while also pulling in ’60s-inspired floral and geometric patterns.

So, get into some vintage va-va-voom for this season’s festive fetes and let your inner ingenue shine.

Style Main

Mod pink-and-orange daisy BIKINI, cream mohair long JACKET, and pink SUNGLASSES, all available at Jess James + Co. Vintage

Style 2

Red and pink paisley floral DRESS with bow, blue velvet DRESS JACKET, Italian white SUNGLASSES, pink-and-clear gem clip-on EARRINGS, and gold knit CLUTCH, all available at Jess James + Co. Vintage

Style 3

White wiggle DRESS with bow back, green printed spearfront SKIRT, straw BAG, Monet gold chain BELT, and Badgley Mischka HEELS, all available at Jess James + Co. Vintage


Style 4

Metallic quilted wiggle DRESS with matching JACKET, gold hoops EARRINGS, vintage TENNIS BRACELET, and vintage Vogue CLUTCH, all available at Jess James + Co. Vintage

Style 5

Gucci style raspberry hostess DRESS with satin bow and vintage drop globe EARRINGS, all available at Jess James + Co. Vintage

Model: Oliva Link

Hair and Makeup: Alice Lawson Salon and Spa

Decor: Designs by Dillon

Wardrobe: Jess James + Co. Vintage

Location: Alice Lawson Salon and Spa, 102 Forest Lane

To view more of photographer and stylists Drewe & Kate’s work, go to dreweandkate.com

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