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Evolution Healing Arts strengthens mind, body and spirit

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SAMANTHA RAY MIFSUD’s accomplishments and varied background provide her with a strong foundation to educate others on the path to holistic healing.

An educator, performer, and Yogi, Mifsud’s desire to use her skillset to “apply to all aspects of being,” led her to open Evolution Healing Arts on Fountain Drive with a mission to provide “healing and strength to the mind, body, and spirit.”

Mifsud was an education major who taught elementary school for seven years before venturing in a new direction to apply her knowledge of teaching, performance, and yoga.

“I consider myself a teacher, instructor, and educator,” Mifsud explains.

Mifsud’s workshops provide guided practice focused on educating the mind, strengthening the body, and making connections to the spirit.

Originally from Detroit, Mifsud was recruited by the UNC-Wilmington track team and received a scholarship. Once in Wilmington, she became active in the local theater scene and earned a minor in theater.

After graduating college, Mifsud moved to New York City where she performed professionally, acting, singing, dancing, and modeling.

“I had a passion for human development and psychology, and I wanted my life to be more geared to helping people and educating people,” Mifsud explains. So, she returned to North Carolina and began her teaching career.

Since teaching often does not pay all the bills on its own, Mifsud worked “side gigs” giving voice lessons, and performing at the Opera House Theater House. In 2014, Mifsud helped to open the sister-company Evolution Dance Complex with BROOKLYNE WILLIAMSON.

“In order to stay healthy, I started practicing yoga, and then worked on my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification. Through that process, it became clear to me that I could use my skill set in education and arts to create something meaningful and necessary in the Wilmington community,” Mifsud describes.

Mifsud opened Evolution Healing Arts, and initially, started with group classes. A higher demand for individual sessions changed the business model, and now Evolution Healing Arts caters more to individuals and small group sessions.

“It was a learning process when we initially opened, but then it became fluid and clear what our niche really is,” Mifsud says. “We are able to provide customized classes and workshops for individuals and for small groups of artists, athletes, and performers, as well as casts, teams, businesses, friends, and families.”

Misfud is offering a monthly class in 2022 called “Mid-month meetups.”

The connection to mind, body, and spirit transcends any particular job or task, and Mifsud is passionate about introducing the community to that trinity.

“There is so much more to us than our physical body,” Mifsud explains. “That is only one aspect of our being.”

This is a movement that Mifsud would love to take globally.

“First and foremost, this initiative of impacting members of our community has been beneficial and can continue to grow and connect use here in this community,” Mifsud says. “But personally, I feel it is so important that I want to spread this idea and wealth of knowledge and concept. As far as I know, no business shares this philosophy of taking yoga and expanding it in this way.”

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