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Esthetician delves in skin wellness

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No matter how many facial creams and exfoliants we purchase, it is a very real possibility that we will still not be satisfied with the health of our skin. Skin care is not one-size-fits-all, and because our chemistry is ever-changing, so are the needs of our skin to be healthy. Perhaps the best way to take care of our skin is to listen to those who are licensed experts in the field of skin health. JENN CORSON, owner of Tidal Aesthetics is one such expert.

“While I was in school for interior design, I started developing cystic acne,” says Corson. “Having never had skin problems before, I had no idea how to address the problem and ended up on a number of different medications to help control the breakouts. Unfortunately, those medications didn’t help as I’d hoped, and I was still having to frequent the dermatologist, sometimes weekly, to get cortisone injections for all of the cysts on my face.”

She says this was an incredibly painful process that left her with scarring and discoloration. This, in turn, was ruining her self-confidence, and so she dove deep into getting answers.

“I ended up connecting with an esthetician who helped me with chemical peels and laser treatments to address the acne and scarring,” Corson says. “It was the first time I had any semblance of hope that my adult acne could be resolved, and it ignited a passion in me to learn more about my skin and help others the way my esthetician was helping me.”

After earning a communication degree with a minor in psychology from Eastern Carolina University and an associate’s degree in interior design from Cape Fear Community College, Corson became a licensed esthetician and a certified laser technician in December of 2014.

“I never realized I had a passion for skincare until pursuing this career, but it was then that I remembered how I used to take my mom’s Oil of Olay when I was in elementary school and started using anti-aging eye creams in high school,” says Corson.

The birth of Tidal Aesthetics came in 2020, when she went to her doctor’s office which had recently been bought by a new owner who wanted to expand into skincare.

“The interview ended up turning into an offer to open a business within a business. I had never wanted to own a business, but since I am a single mother and can’t be available outside of my son’s schedule, this opportunity seemed too good to pass up and the process to get an LLC snowballed into Tidal Aesthetics within a couple of months’ time,” she says.

In just a few months, Corson outgrew the space and moved to her current location in the cargo district where she is about to celebrate her two-year anniversary. So much of Jenn’s success is due to her understanding of effective skincare.

“I offer lash and brow services as well as a number of different facials (including waxing) that incorporate integrative approaches to address skin concerns and provide optimal results for my clients,” says Corson. “I also offer wellness services like dry salt therapy, vagus nerve conditioning, brain tap meditation, reiki, facial cupping, and facial gua sha, and LED Light Therapy.”

Her most popular treatments are her ProCell Microchanneling device which offers corrective skin treatments which she says helps stimulate collagen and restructure the skin from the inside out with little to no swelling or downtime. Her newest service is a Microchanneling treatment to improve the health of the scalp, which in turn restores hair growth.

“It’s been really exciting to see how these services are changing people’s lives, and it’s so rewarding being able to help people live at peace in their own skin.”

Corson is a self-described functional medicine nerd who believes in the gut-brain-skin axis. In other words, how healing gut health and reducing stress can improve skin – a lesson she likes to teach her clients. “We talk often about food sensitivities, gut health, stress levels, lifestyle choices and anti-inflammatory diets to help clients obtain the results they’re wanting and empower them with the knowledge to take back their health and live confidently in their own skin,” says Corson.

Giving back to the community is also very important to Corson.

“Tidal Aesthetics is a give-back small business that donates to domestic violence charities and supports victims of abuse,” says Corson. “Clients can save money on their services by making a donation to one of the local charities of choice listed on our website or by bringing in clothing donations for the Vintage Values bin. My passion to give back to the DV community stems from my personal experience with abuse. I want Tidal Aesthetics to be a safe place for women to come and experience the power of healing touch – a place where they can come and know they are appreciated and deserving of compassion and feeling cared for.”

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