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Veg-Out Wilmington gives a taste for going vegan

Veg Out 4 Of 4 Story

From the Azalea Festival to Riverfest, Wilmington is known for its festivals. Veg-Out Wilmington, a festival designed to encourage people to consider trying vegan and vegetarian food, engage and promote healthy lifestyle choices, and learn about nutrition and the environment all in one place is no exception.

ANDRELLA CHRISTOPHER brought the idea to event promoter, Cool Wilmington, after attending a vegan festival in Southern California.

“Our goal is to inform and support anyone who wants to learn more about living a more vibrant, environmentally friendly, and compassionate life,” Christopher says. “We feel there is a curiosity about a plant-based lifestyle and some people don’t know where or why to start. We want to motivate people try it once a week and take it from there.

“Every journey starts with one small step. We want Veg-Out to be inclusive of everyone, no matter where they are in their journey. So, whether you are full vegan or someone considering ‘Meatless Mondays,’ you are welcome at Veg-Out.”

All food, drinks, products, and general merchandise available at Veg-Out must be compliant with a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, environmentally friendly, and benefit healthy choices. “We encourage people to take the opportunity to ask questions and talk to the various vendors and professionals who are there to share their expertise,” Christopher says. “This is a great opportunity to have fun and learn new things in a gorgeous outdoor setting. It’s free and open to everyone in our community.”

Activities include cooking demonstrations, guest speakers, and exercise and fitness options.

– Chef Keith Michael Gissubel will perform a cooking demonstration and address the myth that it’s more expensive to eat a healthy diet, when with a little creativity, you can eat well for less.

– HEATHER LILLY from The Yoga Village will lead a yoga session and discuss the Yoga Village, which has been working since 2013 to bring yoga and fitness programs to underserved populations in Wilmington.

– Evan Folds, (“The Soil Doctor”) of Be Agriculture, will discuss “the power of regenerative agriculture” and teach you how to grow properly.

– LINDA ROYAL will discuss her award-winning documentary, Bringing It Home, a film about the benefits of hemp as a complete plant-based protein that provides an optimal range of essential fatty acids. Hemp fiber can also make carbon-negative, non-toxic, fire-resistant construction materials.

– HOLLY KONRADY, CALLAN WALL, and HANNAH FRICK will discuss New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s “Lifestyle Reset Program” which is designed to help participants prevent serious illness rather than waiting until a catastrophic health event happens.

– Andrew Kiley with Yaupon Tea Co. will talk about the wonders of Yaupon holly, a sustainable plant that grows natively in Wilmington. Yaupon tea is a caffeinated beverage and is a great alternative to coffee.

– The Tri-Mindfulness event is a relaxing inclusive community triathlon that is not timed, and consists of a 5K walk or run, a guided yoga session, and a guided meditation session.

Want to go?
Veg-Out Wilmington
October 16, 2021
11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Riverfront Park

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